Star Wars: Battlefront II is a great game from a certain point of view


Yeah that’s true, I’ve actually been avoiding the heroes/heavies/vehicles a bit because I wanted to get my 150 minutes on each class first. And I’ve only done Assault and Heavy*.

So I’m probably letting the team down by not taking them when available!

*which means I haven’t played too much more than 300 minutes in galactic assault, and the rest of the 27 hours is campaign, arcade, and starfighter.


This guy has that covered.

It clicks X every now and then to respawn.


Does not cover “damage enemy team in 2 minutes of play” though.


Your algorithm sucks, because I also suck. I have frequently gone for two minutes without damaging the enemy team. Thanks for kicking me from the game, jerk!



Well, “fail your way to the top” has been the norm for MMOs forever, at least since experience-point loss and de-leveling left the scene. I guess it just gets pushed on into other venues.


I highly doubt that. You did not get a single shot off in two minutes? Another way to finesse this is “did not damage any enemy in first three deaths”.


I picked up BF1 on sale a few months ago and holy shit. I’m lucky if I did as well as a 1:10 K:D ratio and that was a good match. Everyone had personal shields, jump packs, and upgraded weapons. While I’m there with no upgrades and the newbie pea shooter. It was terrible.

I don’t have high hopes for BF2 multiplayer.


Modern MMOs that offer real progression largely tied to time investment generally are monetized via subscriptions, so they have a strong incentive to keep people replaying content months on end. I agree that this sucks in that it isn’t particularly fun, but that’s a very different type of game and a separate discussion.

PvP games really shouldn’t offer any substantial vertical progression paths once you pass a swiftly attainable cap, because PvP should be about skill. Horizontal progression is a different matter, where maybe your weapon fires faster but each shot does less damage, or your shield recharges slower but has a larger maximum value, stuff like that is all OK.


Oh, I agree with ya. Just saying that the industry is pretty accustomed to the lazy progression path of MMOs and probably loves the idea of pushing it into other genres.


TBF, jumping into any mature MP game is horse shit. Getting over that learning curve while being actively sodomized by the other 31 folks in the match isn’t great fun even when they don’t have enough accoutrement to make the tacticoolest mall ninja blush.


No. You’re focusing on the what and forgetting the why. Why is progression so slow in BF2? Is it because they want people to play the game longer? Not at all. They aren’t selling subscriptions, they’re selling lootboxes.

Progression is slow and grindy to provide a strong incentive to take a shortcut and pay to skip the grind. They removed paying for lootboxes but forgot to patch out the grind. That makes for a shitty experience.


Sort of but this is more relevant for 1v1 and 5v5. Also skill does not have much of an effect when I am in a tank and you … are not.


Asymmetric stuff is fine, if all players have equal opportunities to get it. And skill matters in huge mobs too.


Not really, by the time you get to 32 v 32 it’s statistucally pretty balanced in terms of random people having whatever ability level. Unfortunately bf2 is only 20 v 20 but that’s still a fair spread.

One of my major criticisms of MOBA games is that 5v5 makes the impact of any one player being very bad, extremely painful for the team.


Anyone else playing on PC? The lag tonight is just horrible. Nothing like rubber banding backwards 4 feet every few seconds.


Eh, yeah, but in MMOs these days they aren’t selling subscriptions, either, but the equivalent of loot boxes. So six of one.


WoW sells subscriptions, and is the elephant in the room in the west. Other subscription MMOs like FF14 are the same way.

MMOs with different monetization models either tend to be much less grindy (like GW2) or super-grindy and sell shortcuts to circumvent the grind.


WoW does have subs, but also free to play for a good chunk of the game. Really, we can’t generalize about monetization models any more I guess. It’s all mixed up.

Either way, though, the only reason any company gets away with stuff that many gamers feel is skeevy is that, well, gamers put up with it. A combo of addictive product and addictive personalities makes it easy to exploit people. It’s not illegal, and by their own standards not unethical or immoral, either, but then again, consumers generally don’t get to set the ethical bar unless they either convince the law to act (hah!) or simply vote with their wallets.


Huh? WoW only allows you to level to 20 without subscribing.


So how come half the time I only get 2 items?