Star Wars: Battlefront II is a great game from a certain point of view


You keep repeating that as if it’s meaningful. When someone kills you in a P2W game you wonder whether they outplayed or outpaid you. And that isn’t OK.


I don’t think 3 is actually guaranteed, just the wording on that screengrab can be misconstrued.

What it’s trying to say is that your rewards come from 3 different areas and makes no promise of how many of each you’ll get. I wish a card was guaranteed daily.


I already paid $200 and I found I could not reliably win engagements so that has been disproven, at least in my 28 hours of play. How many hours have you played, @stusser?

I don’t disagree that perception is a hell of a drug, for the record, but play it yourself and see rather than hypothesizing ad nauseam.

It will be interesting to see what the market decides on this game, eg how much money does it end up making? Mistakes were definitely made.


$60 entry fees to find out for yourself is a part of the problem here, wump. You keep saying that but people feel like paying $60 to find out you have to pay more to be competitive is highway robbery. Either let me play it for free to find out for myself or let me pay $60 to have a complete game where I don’t have to pay money to be a winner.

The value of money is something I think you dismiss too easily.


Pay2win isn’t an “I win” button that you can press and instantly rip the souls out of your enemies’ bodies, causing them to bleed from the nose, ears, and anus and vomit their stomach linings before expiring with maximum pain and suffering. It’s an advantage. Your own skill still matters, just less than it should.


Yes, I agree that aggressive randomized loot crates in a $60 game is kinda not cool, so that part of the pushback was warranted. They did make a lot of changes (no purples in random crates, reduce hero cost, etc) based on that feedback, even up to the launch, though.

That said, simply completing the single-player campaign will make you plenty competitive on star cards, IMO.

Mostly this is an epic messaging fail more than anything else. I am very interested to see what the fallout, if any, ever is.


You get 5k spacebucks and a couple of green starcards for 3 (I think) heroes, (two being Luke and Leia that have to be unlocked to use) and a handful of loot crates for the base troopers. The 5k in credits are supposed to be used to unlock Iden for MP, but you can use them to buy two crates instead.


Oh, perhaps I was thinking of the 150 minute “play as class X”, you absolutely get blue cards for that one. There are screenshots of it upstream in the other BF2 topic if anyone doesn’t believe me. I guess it’s worth mentioning that, in addition to the singeplayer awards, there are some pretty easy multiplayer awards to get that offer quite a bit of stuff as well.

Pretty sure you get a Kylo Ren card in singleplayer as well, since you play as him too.


I will say that the first couple of hours of MP are pretty generous with credits. 200 for this. 500 for that. They’re pretty easy to get.

Once you get a handful of commons and unlock two slots on a couple classes, things really slow down. At a certain point, it’s all about crafting cards to advance and the crafting materials are scarce as heck.


If you want to do well in multiplayer, all you need are “good” star cards for:

  1. bruiser (or rocket, if you prefer)
  2. hero of choice
  3. mayyybe your preferred soldier class

And of those, #1 and #2 are going to be far more effective at generating combat points in the longer run. I still say bruiser with the high health card and better regen card, is one of the best things in the game. If you only upgrade one thing, make it that.


The Starship boxes give the most crafting materials for the least credit outlay.

You also need to be rank 10 to craft the level 2 cards, rank 15 for level 3. I’ve only recently hit rank 10…


Electronic Arts’ shareholders are running for the hills this month and for good reason.

The company’s profitable business model is now at risk after angry gamers revolted over its aggressive in-game moneymaking strategy in “Star Wars Battlefront II.”

EA’s stock is down 8.5 percent month to date through Tuesday compared with the S&P 500’s 2 percent gain, wiping out $3.1 billion of shareholder value. Its competitors Take-Two and Activision Blizzard shares are up 5 percent and 0.7 percent respectively during the same time period.

After EA gave a Dec. quarter sales forecast slightly below Wall Street estimates on Oct. 31, some analysts suspected it was due to the Stars Wars title. The shares fell 4 percent the following day.


Time to go long on EA fellas.


My thoughts exactly, it seems really reactionary unless the speculation is they lose Star Wars exclusivity from this.


Unless you’re a daily buy/sell trader kind of person, selling EA stock over one game is lame. Now, if EA loses the Star Wars license due to brand damaging breach of contract, then us casual traders may want to look at that portfolio.


Whenever I see articles about how company X is doomed, or CEO Y is an inept fool, I get this powerful urge to go long on that stock. So far it’s served me well.


It does seem like an absurd overreaction. I really hope these recent backlash-related developments don’t in anyway jeopardize Respawn’s Star Wars game.


I also wonder what they’re going to do longer term. Can they even bring back the crystal purchases? What are they going to change? At this point they might as well go free to play and reimburse everyone the purchase price…


What they should do is a “We hear you loud and clear” type message transparently outlining their plans for the game.

  • Remove all P2W which offers a numerical advantage and pledge never to add it back. Refund money to everybody who bought these things.
  • Allow players to directly purchase the cosmetic items they want for their local currency, and set those items as unavailable elsewhere. If you want cosmetics, pay up.
  • Add a bunch of heroes with alternate skins and slightly divergent powers, and charge for them in the same way but also make them available through normal play. So you can get a Clone Wars style Darth Vader with a different skin and force throw rather than force choke. Horizontal progression.
  • Add a bunch of weapons/items with alternate skins and similar horizontal progression. Rapid fire, but less damage per shot. Homing rockets that do less damage. Sniper ion rifle that one-shots anyone with a headshot but does 75% less damage elsewhere. Etc. Charge for those, but available through normal play also.
  • Change all previously available heroes and weapons/items to unlock with reasonable play times. All free.
  • Change progression mechanics so all players soft-cap progression with roughly 10 hours of play after completing the campaign.
  • Renege on their previous promise to offer content DLC (maps, multiplayer modes, and single-player content) for free, pledge that they will be reasonably priced, and tell players what all content currently in production will cost when released.
  • Pick the most passionate players from the community to function as a “player council” to bring the community’s concerns to EA/DICE and pledge they’ll listen to their concerns and publicly respond on a monthly basis for the effective life of the game. Not necessarily agree, but listen and respond.

That’s what I would do to save the game.


3 games tonight, lag is atrocious.

I am almost ready to uninstall this piece of shit.