Star Wars: Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast 2:

I’m going to agree with the loquacious Crypt, except express my point in one sentence instead of one novella:

“why y’all gotta be playa hatas?”

Jedi Screech! Jedi Master Belding!
Plus that crap guy from ‘The View’ or whatever it is as the new Jar Jar

I for one will say that Jedi Knight II is perhaps the closest humanity has ever come to being a jedi.

Yes, I stopped Single Player shortly after getting my lightsaber (got stuck in the garbage level)… but I’m not a big fan of FPS single player anyways.

But “duel” multiplayer? Brilliant. Who here watched Episode II and didn’t boot up JK II right after?

I hope they add some objective based multiplayer missions for the next Jedi Knight game. That’s my only qualm with the multiplayer.

I know I did.

I know I did.[/quote]

Episode 2 didn’t put me in the mood to flail a lightsaber around like a retarded monkey, so no, I didn’t.

God, I hated that game. Raven’s level design is eye-gougingly bad, IMO.


Maybe I should have used an ellipsis.

A forum divided. I loved the game. Best FPS I’ve played in a long time. Fun in multi too.

Jedi Knight Dynsaty Warriors would rock… plus after watching Episode 2 I was ashamed to have ANY star wars licensed products… maybe if Yoda kicked ass for 10 more minutes in Episode 2 I would have thought differently? Bah! back to the dynasty warriors Star Wars game… cmon that would rock. Plus you can make up new weapons for Jedi’s instead of fluorescent pastel colored flashlights…