Star Wars: Destiny


Anyone else playing this? It’s a full-fat CCG from fantasy flight games.

While the starters are quite playable, it is already pricey to dabble in, as the mechanics of the game subtly encourage large scale buying.

That said, I have found the actual gameplay to be a lot of fun: it has significantly more tactical back and forth than the average CCG, making playing it a very satisfying experience. The cards have great flavor, so thematically it’s a hit, too. Interestingly, in spite of the dice being a core part of the gameplay, there are so many different ways to modify and control them (at a price, always at a price!) that the gameplay feels non-deterministic without being overly random. Destiny is actually a great name for the game, since it is really all about forging a destiny for yourself out of the chaos of the dice.

Any thoughts are welcome, although let me put up a brief FAQ below to take care of a few issues:

  1. Q: I hate CCGs, they cost a lot of money!

    A: They sure do! Thanks for letting us know! That’s not a question, though.

  2. Q: That rascally Fantasy Flight Games will ruin this game with expansions!

    A: Also not a question, but okay, thanks for the warning!

  3. Q: Aren’t you bored with Star Wars?

    A: Nope!


4.) Q: Is this a Star Wars version of well-loved console shooter MMO Destiny?
A: You wish.


Yes, I do. CCG game? I’ll just show myself out.


Secretly I want to play this. Kinda glad it’s sold out everywhere at the moment and hopefully this insane urge passes before it’s easily available again.


If I wanted to throw more money at Fantasy Flight for Star Wars merch, I’d buy all the Armada material I don’t already have, thank you very much.


I find the game really enjoyable, though I wish they had gone with the LCG model instead. I think I’ll just plan on buying a box at each release and come to grips with not having every card.


One nice thing at least is the game is very trade-friendly… when the max number of card copies per deck is 2, it is relatively easy to trade for what you need.


RIP :*(

For all its flaws, I loved the hell out of the old Decipher game. Hell, we even played Young Jedi while our teenage brains were sufficiently addled by marketing campaigns to not recoil at the thought of Episode I.

Realistically, there’s just no way I can play and enjoy a physical CCG these days. Maybe in another 18 years when the kids are moved out…


That game had a rarity system that made magic look generous and affordable.


Not as bad as Star Trek! At least there weren’t ultra-rares. New Enterprise or whatever was over $100 for years, where Vader I think peaked around $55-60.


I recall Star Trek doing a lot less direct invocation of particular rare characters in their cards, though. Or at least when I played I never felt like I had to have a Picard or Enterprise or whatever just to use the cards I actually owned. My starter set (all I ever bought) of Decipher Star Wars, on the other hand… - and yes, it was a pack specifically designed to get you going on the game, not just a 60 pack of random cards like they used to do way back in the day.


Yep, enjoying it quite a bit. I didn’t think I’d care for the dice mechanic in a CCG, but because it’s a small deck with a generous mulligan it’s really more that they’ve moved much of the randomness from drawing down your deck to dice throwing.

Sadly, the constrained supply is holding me back from playing more, but if anyone has Tabletop Sim, look me up for a game! And I’m not very good, so you’ll likely win!


After buying the two starters for my son and I to play I decided to dive in and purchase a full box of 36 boosters.

Package turned up a few days later and…it only contained six boosters. Turns out there was some mix up at the shop and now they have no stock. 🙁

While the moment to moment gameplay is a lot of fun the general lack of supply is frustrating.


My guess: the “mix-up” is that the low supply is driving prices waaaaay up, and they didn’t really want to honor the old price.


I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. They said they can send me the 30 boosters I’m missing (my ‘no stock’ comment referred to booster boxes) but I don’t really want to take loose boosters as I might not get the six legendaries which are guaranteed in a sealed booster box.


It’s a CCG? I thought Fantasy Flight was only doing LCG (set card sets, no randomness).


I don’t think they ever said they’d never make a CCG again, just that (at the time, anyway) they were focusing on the LCG format.

Yeah, definitely hold out for a sealed box. Supposedly, there was some way to identify which packs held legendarys based on which direction the boosters were packed in the box. In any event, if you paid for a sealed booster, that’s what you should get.


The fact this has “legendaries” (which include many of the most iconic characters) makes me genuinely angry.

Who the hell looks at the MTG model and says “The only problem with this is it’s not exploitative enough”.


Well, I would never defend the CCG model generally, but this one remains less exploitative than magic. The odds of a legendary in Destiny are 1 pack in 6, and the odds of a Mythic in Magic are 1 in 8. Additionally, recent Magic sets have a higher rarity level still, albeit I am not sure about their legality for play. I think they’re more for funsies. You also never need more than 2 copies of any given card in a deck in Destiny, whereas good old Magic stays 4. So it seems pretty safe to say that Magic is more expensive.

I am a little disappointed that the conversation seems to be all about how badly CCGs suck, which I tend to think as being pretty well worn ground at this point, but eh, so it goes.


All that proves is that MTG looked at the MTG model and said “This is not exploitative enough”. I can’t really comment on mythics because they are way way after my time.

This is specifically a hit on star wars ccgs. The original had iconic characters that were high rarity rares (although more common than the modern “mythics/legendaries”) that were nigh-on indispensible to building a remotely strong deck. It looks like the new game has gone in exactly the same direction.

If I am playing star wars, I want to have access to Luke and Leia and Han and Vader and the Millenium Falcon. Maybe not all of them, maybe not the best versions, but that’s a big part of the point of the game.