Star Wars Ep III PG-13 rating

According to this interview the last episode will be PG-13 and “the darkest yet”

The eternal optimist in me is wanting this to be free of George’s usual sacarine touch. The buzz is good I think. The real test will be if Ain’t it Cool Harry thinks its good…if he does then we’re in trouble.

And to all you Vader haters out there. Get in front of the Empire, or we’ll blow your planet up. We got Deathstar!

*Edit to correct a stupid grammatical error so Bill doesn’t make me feel like a complete moron again :wink: Shame is a great cure for laziness.

It’s nice that Lucas thinks Ep. III may not be suitable for children, since Ep. I wasn’t suitable for anybody.

I’m writing down all of your names, you people who think this film will be good and redeem the first two films. I am! And I will proclaim you all sheep in a thread after the film opens and you realize that when Lucas said Anakin makes a pact with the devil, he really meant you did!

Actually, I hope you guys are right, of course.

I’d almost say tossing one of your main characters into lava and then having him crawl out, flesh partially melted, would ensure a PG-13 regardless of anything else in the film.

Of course parents will try to sue Lucasarts when their kids start tossing themselves into active volcanoes hoping to get some kickass battle armor.

And a deep voice, overwhelming fear from your subordinates, the best suite on the Deathstar and some of the best lines in the postquels…just to name a few other perks of being a Dark Lord of the Sith.

I hurt to heal!

Next up…never use the term “Vader hater” again. Ever.

Another possible reason for the PG-13:

Oh damn… They can storm me any day.

MMmmmm… Breast plates. 8)

I’d do them! I mean

They aren’t even hot! I mean

Looks like some people have too much spare time. I mean

Psh they aren’t even real Stormtroopers - Stormtroopers are all clones of Jango Fett!

Aren’t you a bit buxom for a Stormtrooper?

Is that Tina Yothers second from the right?

Why does the first one need a codpiece?

Uhh…don’t ask.