Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker

Are you talking about the First Order or the Resistance? Remember, in TFA, the First Order are the plucky rebels. The resistance is some unofficial merc army funded by the established government.

Nope. Go watch it again.

The saga just means the Skywalker saga. Not Star Wars, Star Wars is forever (at least while it makes money).

You know why it worked? Because it looked awesome and cool on screen. Trying to discern more, tying to link anything that happens in star wars space to space as we know it is futile. Same with logic. I mean Death Star. Come on. The whole universe including the original trilogy is full of stuff that doesn’t make sense. We are just not kids anymore and try to look for logic and “realism”. I avoid that when watching SW.

There are limits there. They may not be easy to define (e.g., like porn, you’ll know when you see it), but for many, including me, the light speed ram crossed those limits. You can’t just throw “it looks cool” as the defense against all criticisms.

It just broke so much of what the setting was about. The natural extension of that effect is that there should be no big military assets, which goes against all that is Star Wars. The sad thing is, it want then the worse thing in TLJ.

Wow this is some tedious rehash bullshit to scroll through for anyone interested in the NEW film.
The Last Jedi sucked and we all know it. You can read all about why and discuss it right over there.

This kind of approach reminds me of the earlier discussions of how xyz show was the greatest most popular things ever during abc year and nothing now can touch it therefore nothing today is as good or as monumentus as this thing before. What they often leave out though is before there were like five channels and that was it. You didn’t have over a hundred cable channels to choose from, the internet or video games.

It sometimes feels like there is this huge need for Star Wars to consume everything, to set-off an endless run of mania or it’s deemed not successful, and I just think that moment of time is over. It’s not the same anymore. Hell I wasn’t around to see original movies in theater. My parents are not nerds, find fantasy things largely amusing things for kids and aren’t a fan of computers or video games in any shape or form. I ran into these movies two ways, channel surfing and walking through the aisles of a Blockbuster store. Kids don’t really do these things anymore and getting their attention with all this stuff is hard. And while pushing a theme on a kid because the parent likes it sometimes works, there was going to be no amount of WWE action figures or posters that was going to get me into something like that.

Star Wars gets to exist amongst other popular media, and that’s okay. So what if Fortnite monopoly is more popular than any version of Star Wars monopoly right now? Who cares if mystery boxes of Minecraft figures sells like hot cakes and that 100 dollar Lego Death Star isn’t flying off the shelf into the hands of new fans? Does your kid watch the same episode of Mickey Mouse Club House 10 times a day and only tunes into Clone Wars once a week… that’s not a failing.

And no matter how you dice it, no matter how unfair it seems, that creators had a clear and long vision with MCU; they took a risk, threw their assets behind it and and kept going. There isn’t really another example of anyone wiling and being able to do that. Star Wars included. They’re being rewarded for that, and again, that’s not a Star Wars failing.

I suspect that Star Wars picked up a fair amount of women and girls too, and the toy makers don’t want to make toys for us. They actually pull successful series because it skewed against toy sales which says nothing, nothing about the success of the series’ content and only points to the sale of toys… which is not a lack of interest problem.

I have been a Star Wars fan for decades. I didn’t buy the action figures, the Legos, the plastic lightsabers or even the board games. You can appreciate something in different ways and that does not mean people are saying good-bye to the franchise. It just means some fans are not little boys who have to surround themselves in one fandom. There is a lot of content out there. The requirement to have one to rule them all is just not there.

You mean the established government that was wiped out in TFA?

While I do agree that it should be discussed in that thread, we don’t all ‘know’ that TLJ sucked. And it’s people like you that piss me off.

Good stuff Nesrie.

I will say that, anecdotally, my sons preschool class that Star Wars shirts are near as popular as superhero ones. Lots of kids with Darth Vader or X-wings on their shirts. My 5 year old son has plushies of Chewbacca, Vader, and Luke. Has a bunch of the hot wheels ships, and knows what they are! My daughter has a Leia plushie.

He also likes Batman more than any of the Marvel heroes, to which we can thank the LEGO movie and my sister.

But Star Wars is plenty popular, and my son even likes the movies a lot. It’s all relative.


Which surely they could have and should have been doing earlier. Why have manned ships etc, if your financial resources are so tight, and this alternative works so well.

Fwiw though, the idea of sacrificing cheap ships to mess up larger ships is hardly new.

So, the basic concept works but the way it was presented in TLJ was…unsatisfactory


Hell, look at the Taliban in Afghanistan, never exactly flush with cash and not capable of going toe to toe, so they got devious with IEDs. One of our in theatre briefing videos showed how the Taliban would study our reactions to effective enemy fire (basically, you tend to want to look for cover if someone is shooting at you) and they’d put IEDs where they thought we were going to go, then start a firefight with absolutely no intention of actually shooting us, but basically to spook us into jumping into cover…where the bombs are. That’s some sneaky shit, and that’s what you do when you have no resources.

True, but I tend to look for consistency.

After 8 movies of desperate fighting in space, suddenly we get this manoeuvre…just didn’t sit well for me.

Ditto space bubble for Leia.

Yes Sir!!!

But you know what, I AM interested in the new film, and you know what else, you can’t discuss new film in a vacuum…

You know, sometimes I feel sorry for people born on or after the year 2000. We’re massively digressing here but there is just sooooooo much choice and so much trying to get your attention, that it’s hard to filter it out. Hell it’s hard for me, and I make a point of working on my filters. What chance does a 14 year old today stand?

Hell, when I was a child the electricity frequently went out so we couldn’t watch TV even after we finally got one, and there were 2 channels only, 1 of which broadcast only CNN until 1800.

So i ended up developing deep reading and deep concentration skills, faut de mieux, and that has helped me massively (I read LoTR when I was 11.)

Extreme situation, and not one I would engineer now I don’t think, but I do feel scared for the very young today.


Used to be a lot of things you couldn’t do in a vacuum.


I’m reading the linked thread now btw.

Yes but this is in fact a vacuum as this pointless rehashing hate fest sucks the air out of the entire thread.

You know what else sucks…

C’mon when you’re looking for consistency when the setup is that the good guys are still a REBELLION WHEN THEY HAVE ALREADY DEFEATED THE EMPIRE DECADES EARLIER you know nothing’s going to make sense.

A blue skinned, art collecting imperial admiral who always knows what his opponents are doing? I’m right, aren’t I?