Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker


Blue Luke confirmed. Bluke.


Is this a book or comic or TV or music!??!?!?


Official teaser for the final film in the current saga.


He’s saying it should be in the movies category.


Also, this movie is gonna be terrible.


But hey, it has freaking LANDO in it, so it can’t be 100% terrible.


Well shit. I was so excited and misposted. I’ll delete and let a less jittery person have a go ;)


Nah just have a mod move it.


There is already a thread with hundreds of posts lol


Well crap there’s already a thread.


To the abyss with you thread!

If any of the mods have a moment, feel free to uh, dust off and nuke this one from orbit. Star Wars reference.


There is absolutely no way this movie will be “terrible”. The Secret with David Duchovny, that’s a terrible movie. Epic Movie, that’s terrible. Jaws: The Revenge, that’s a terrible movie.

You can be upset with the direction the franchise is going, that’s totally fair, but it’s still going to be a big budget adventure with lots of great moments and it will be a fun movie to see. I often wonder if people around here forgot what they loved about movies when they were kids.

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