Star Wars: Force Unleashed


Emphasis mine.


Though it bodes well that you’re playing dark side, so you don’t have to worry about beating fools to a pulp. THIS game may be the one to get me over my issues about playing a bad guy, because I really wanted to play Psi-Ops but never got to it before the 360 replaced the original Xbox… plus it’s FANTASY, yo, and… look, SHUT UP, ok?

Too bad we already know how it ends: you die. There is no sith apprentice in episode 4 - on.

Didja read the link?

[I]The Dark Side is always there… waiting for us to enter. Waiting to enter us.[/I]

giggles. For days

“George Lucas reportedly has a lot of input in the project, and even helped design some of the characters.”

The game’s fucked, especially if he’s allowed near character development, story boarding, or dialogue.

For Republic Commando, it was George Lucas who suggested that each clone trooper have a different color on his uniform. Actually, I’m still not sure if that was really wasn’t such a bad idea…

How much input did he have on Lego Star Wars, I wonder? (“Why are the Death Star workers taking a break? I don’t think that’s not really funny. Instead, how about a stormtrooper slipping on a blaster, then farting?”)

Oh Annie!

Everyone remember. All we have now is words. And words are northing without the game to back them up.

The suns will come out… Tomorrow!

If James Earl Jones signs on, I’m in. If Hayden Christensen does, I’m running away.

I’m guessing it’ll be the bastard vocal mixing of the two, and many thousand people will cry out in pain at once.

“Oh, the Jedi are definitely not going to be pleased with this…”

Guess the Vague quote!

No PC version? This SUCKS.

You mean “The Jedi are going to feel this one”?

While I enjoy that the abbreviated title of this game is Star Wars: FU (LucasArts Strikes Back at Tom Chick?), I was hoping they’d just be honest and call it Star Wars: Stormtrooper Tormentor.

no doubt.

Welcome to the future, boys.

PC gaming is teh d0med.

What really sucks is that there’s no Wii version. I want my lightsaber game!

If this game and Mass Effect aren’t ported over to the PC, it’s proof positive in my mind that there is no God. Or if there still is a God, it’s not very benevolent to PC geeks.

I loved Psi-Ops. The coolest thing was standing on top of an object and levitating it so you’re floating around the level shooting people. I hope they put that in this game.

Psi-Ops was a cool tech demo but not much of a game, really – just a series of nondescript locations that served as a sandbox for those psi powers. With the Star Wars setting we should get a decent story and better environments.