Star Wars Galaxies - Possible Delay?

I pulled this from the Star Wars Galaxies Roleplayers forums (I’m OddjobXL over there):

"Software Etc’s Monday morning conference call, some of you know about it, some don’t.

Word is they’re being prepped for prelaunch fallout by SOE for a June/July release date. All but official."

I think its insane how open they are being about when decisions and reviews are made internally. I’m sure the feedback is great, but is it really worth the headache from the nutjobs?

I was planning to camp out in front of my local EB a few days early to make sure I got my copy-- now I hear there’s some kind of delay? WTF!!

Star Wars Galaxies Roleplayers isn’t the official site - hence the question mark in the title. It’s a site for folks intending to, well, roleplay in SWG. I don’t know if there’s any official word on this rumor at all.

I thought I had heard that April 15 was their firm ship date… but who knows!
I’d rather play a more polished game.

Has the monthly fee been announced? I was wondering if they were going to go higher than $13?

Tom: That’s the general reaction on the SWG-RP boards too. Most folks want to see this done right rather than right away. No telling what the mainboard reaction will be if the rumor is true. I tend to stay away - that place has gotten a bit, predictably, toxic.

Mark: I really haven’t heard yet. I suspect if they’d announced a price it would have made it to the SWG-RP boards by now.

I’d also rather see it late but polished. I was holding off on Freelancer because I figured between GalCiv and SWG I’d have more games than I have time to play pretty soon, but maybe now I’ll pick it up.

I would rather it slipped than they release it with problems. Having a smooth release is important.