Star Wars is 30 on March 25

Raise your hands if you saw the original theatrical release and feel really old now.

[Hand raised]

March, May, they’re so easily confused.

Fuck Star Wars.

and, yeah, raises hand. I think I saw it like 30 times.

Yep I saw it in the theater. I was 9 and my big brother took me.

I was two… my first theater Star Wars experience was a Empire/Jedi double feature. Only saw Star Wars on VHS until the 1997 re-release.

Umm, that would be May 25th, not March.

I was 12, almost 13, when I saw it. Turned me into the huge geek that I remain today.

I was mumble mumble years old when I saw it.

I went four times. I made my parents each take me separately, and my dad took me to the Ziegfield in Manhattan. That was magical.

Yay, I feel two months younger already!

Wow, thirty years; I remember the occasion distinctly - so does my mother, she tells me it’s the first time I ever sat still.

I was 6. I saw it 50+ times in the theater. Neeerrrddd.

I was actually in an auto/pedestrian accident when I ran away from my grandmother while walking across the street to the theater because they were going to make me see “Herbie Goes Bananas” rather than letting me see Star Wars. I was mostly unhurt, although the two stoners who ran over me in the VW Beetle were scared (and scarred, probably). I was literally “ran over” but due to fate, luck or the grace of God I escaped with minor injuries, as the car didn’t touch me. Still had to see Herbie but my parents and grandparents never didn’t let me see Star Wars again. :)

I was 3, and I remember most of it. I know my dad fell asleep, but he does that with most movies.

My family wasn’t in the states when it came out. I have a memory of seeing it at the American Club in Djakarta, it seems small in my memory like a 16mm print, but the whole thing could be some bizarre childhood reconstruction. I would have been 2 or 3 at the time. I didn’t see it in an American theater until the early '80s rerelease, I think.

I was twelve. I remember being obsessed by the poster and newspaper ad. My whole family wound up going as a result of my incessant begging, and loved it.

You know what made me feel really old recently? Someone was telling a story about something that happened 25 years ago. They were telling it in that typical way back when we were all like the families on Leave it to Beaver and the Andy Griffith show, like when you were growing up and those stories were all about the 40s and 50s.

I then realized that 25 years ago was the 80s.

Little things like that always freak me out. I’m always doing odd little age calculations, things like that. Like the fact that new high school students were born during the Clinton presidency.

Mate, you really should have gone to see his movie.

In before the raped my childhood discussion.

Was the first movie my parents went to see after I was born. Dad saw it alone, came back, told Mom “You’ve got to come see this”, they left me with a sitter. Apparently I started howling 15 minutes after they left and continued without cease until 15 minutes before they came back.

What’s odd is I kind of mentally divide people I meet into “born before Star Wars” and “born after Star Wars.” Anyone born after seems really young to me. Anyone born before seems… cough just the right age.

I think it was the 3rd movie that I saw in the theatre. I can still remember the crazy jumps, and when Luke ripped the head off that mummy and threw it and it exploded. Or when he punched his fist all the way through the red monster. Good times. But I never really understood what was going on with those space ships.

I’ve done that too.

Ten years old, I talked my grandmother into taking me. We got there just as Luke was looking out at the setting twin suns of Tatooine. We stayed through the intermission and watched the beginning & a bit more before she lost patience.

And then: action figures!!!