Star Wars is 30 on March 25

I had just turned eight when Star Wars came out; I still want to be Luke Skywalker when I grow up.

Like Gordon, I was living overseas (in Brazil) when it was released, and had to settle for reading the novelization and building lightsabers and X-wings out of Lego until our next trip to the US. By that time the movie was out of theaters, so we ended up seeing it at a drive-in!

I was five at the time and my mom thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the violence so she only took my older sisters. For some reason, however, she thought that I could handle the audio cassette version. I knew the movie better than my sisters within a week. To make up for missing the original release, my grandpa, who died shortly after, took me on a boys’ night out to the theatrical re-release around the release of Empire. I may have missed out on the initial release, but I like my memory of that enough that I don’t bitch. Much.

I remember being dragged to this movie when I was ten-years-old by a baby sitter I hated. I didn’t want to go. I was all ‘Fuck Star Wars!’ even back then.

Of course, I was singing a whole different tune after having seen it.


My brother took me to both Empire and the re-release of Star Wars when I was 7. I was blown away and am still a big fan of the OT to this day.

I ended up seeing it months after the inital release because I was basically in the hospital for months when it was released. Luckily it was in the theaters still after 30 some weeks. I was 7 and completely loved it.

Was 6 and saw it as many times as I could get folks to pay for my ticket. Still my favorite movie memory. The unbelievable entrance of Darth Vader. Being scared silly when Luke got whomped by the raider while looking through his binocs.

"What’s odd is I kind of mentally divide people I meet into “born before Star Wars” and “born after Star Wars.”

Do the exact same thing. Always thought it was bit of a huge cultural deal with folks who grew up with Stars and those who just missed out completely.

Mmm…X-wingmas. Best present ever.

I was 4 1/2 when SW came out: don’t remember it at all, but it must’ve made an impression, because I do remember being all excited about seeing Empire when it came out. I also remember my mother standing in line for hours so I could see Jedi on opening day - still owe her for that one.

So who here has rewatched the original trilogy within the last year and still thinks it holds up?

I couldn’t believe that was real, and then I checked the IMDB… LOL!

Raises hand.

Raises other hand for first run TV Star Trek…

I was eight when I saw the original theatrical release and it blew my fragile little mind (I think it was the first actual cinema movie I had ever seen as well, which probably helped). I wrote a seven-page stream-of-consciousness essay for school the next day about the movie that was light on details and names, but heavy on enthusiasm and use of the phrase “and then”.

Heh, I remember stepping back and listening to myself talk to a friend in 7th grade and realizing that half the words coming out of my mouth were “and then.”

Empire came out at the end of my freshman high school year and Jedi right before graduation. It really did feel like the end of an era for me.

Yup. I was 8 years old, and saw it at the Loews Astor Plaza in Times Square. back them, it was a theater comparable to the Ziegfeld, now it’s been shuttered.

I still remember the day, as it was hot as hell, so we must have seen it a couple of months after opening. It was sweltering, and we didn’t have an AC at home, so we planned on seeing another movie, Orca: The Killer Whale, immediately after SW just to stay in the cool theater. Unfortunately, my sister and I wailed so much for our pops to buy us a Star Wars program from the theater, he did, only to realize that he no longer had enough cash for us to see Orca. Not many (any?) ATM’s back then. I still haven’t seen Orca.

I enjoyed Orca, but then I was a bit younger than you at the time. It was in the “killer whales are COOL” phase of boyhood. I have no idea how well it’s aged.
I do remember that the comic book ads for it made it look like the whale was 20-30 feet long, which sadly was not the case in the actual movie.

My dad took my brother and I to see it when it opened, then ordered us both Star Wars figures (the ones that came in the mail). He even got the trailer and would play it on his film projector. Hell, he even got us Rumph Star Wars mugs (still have my Ben Kenobi one).

It was awesome.

I saw the initial release at age 6 (always thought it was 7, but you guys know the release date and it’s short of my birthday). I liked it, of course, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see it again until someone rented it in college.

…How long will Star Wars fandom last? Are guys my age still going to be into Star Wars when we’re 60?

I have what may be a false memory of seeing Star Wars way back in 78 or so, at the place in Vegas now known as the Huntridge was called the Fox theater. I definitely saw ESB at the Mountain View theater on Jones and Spring Mountain though (I think it’s an ice hockey place now).

I saw it the day after I took my last law school exam. Damn, I’m old.

Get off my lawn!

Once the movie gained steam it was everywhere. I remember a life sized home made C3PO statue selling coffee at my local A&P. I remember news stories on the radio about how a priest was using “The Force” as part of his sermon.

We all had trading cards at school that fall, and I can still remember pulling the plastic robes off my Obi Wan Kenobi and Jawa toys because THEY ALREADY HAD ROBES ON! Vader’s was perfect though.

I’d already been a sci-fi nerd before Star Wars came around. But it went from watching old movies on late night TV and occasional issues of Starlog to an explosion of sci-fi everywhere I went. I was one happy kid.

I was 12-13 (12 the first time I saw it, 13 the sixth time I saw it during the initial theatrical release), which I submit is the perfect age for seeing Star Wars for the first time along with the rest of the world.

Someone once asked Isaac Asimov what was the Golden Age of science fiction, and he said, “12.”

I was already a huge sf nerd (and yes, I know Star Wars isn’t sf, it’s space opera at best), but the only science fiction that you could watch instead of read was Star Trek, so old the special effects sucked, or really hard science fiction (2001).

Star Wars took my Lensman fanboism and put it up on the screen.