Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

I’m interested, but to be honest with all the studio hopping and cancellations of so many previously announced Star Wars games, I don’t really even remember what this game is. Is it an FPS, a role playing game, a Destiny-like? I’m so confused.

It’s Respawn. I’m in.

It’s none of the games EA has previously announced. It’ll be revealed on Saturday during Star Wars Celebration.

3rd person action is all we know.

Chris Avellone worked on the story, as well as Aaron Conteras, who worked on Mafia 3. Stig Asmussen, from God of War 3 is the lead designer.

Oh look, another probable shooter. Yawn.

Once again I hate how EA has the exclusive license. I’d much rather it be the other extreme, like Warhammer. Sure that leads to some crap games, but let’s be honest that’s what EA has done too. But there are also gems, and a wide variety of genres.

How much would I pay for a Battlestar Galactica Deadlock or a Total Warhammer style game in the Star Wars universe? A lot, that’s how much.

I gotta go look up this Battlestar Galactica Deadlock thing, BRB.

I would expect a Jedi based protagonist to be pretty limited in the shooting department, so I’m not sure what you mean. Though if it is a loot-shooter based on Jedi I’m intrigued, baffled, and horrified all at once.

But like you said, a large scale strategy game would be awesome though.

It’s EA, they only know how to make things shoot. See: BioWare. So I have zero faith this will be anything but some form of whatever flavor shooter they are capturing, probably some Division alike or another Battlefront style competitive shooter. Battle Royale maybe to spice things up!

Anyhow it’s just sour grapes on my part because I just jealously want someone to make a modern version of X-Wing or Rebellion. Which is why I’m so intrigued by what Travis is building with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, seems to be aiming for that niche (also he made a ‘demo’ in his engine X-wing style). But the idea of giving it to a publisher who is only going to make a small number of narrowly genre bound shooters irks me badly. It’s a god damn golden age for strategy, space, management, and other genres. And yet EA has a vocabulary with one word, shooter.

Speaking of management, I just had an idea for a fun nonsensical little thing. Rimworld, but you’re Moff Tarkin trying to build the Death Star while other power players try and undermine you to get their secret projects funded. Hey EA, you can have that one for free! Just make something that isn’t a shooter, mmm kay?

You need to let this go. It will never happen. Seriously, there’s just too few of you left.

Nobody in charge of game development looks at Star Citizen as an indication that space shooters are back.

Any guesses on the era this will be based on? Just from the name Jedi Fallen Order I would guess it’s set after Episode III but before Episode IV.

What about Rebellion, you can’t look at the current strategy game landscape and tell me strategy games aren’t viable and vibrant these days.

Also using Star Citizen to refute the notion that space based games are doing well is… laughable.

I’m not asking or expecting AAA level here. In fact I think doing 2-3 AAA shooters instead of a dozen smaller scale games in a variety of genres is foolish.

What will be the in-game lore name for loot boxes?

Fingers crossed for a mobile F2P Jedi battle royale!

Lucasfilm is not going to do a small-scale X-Wing game. And the financials of the license mean you can’t make a small-scale Star Wars game period, no matter who’s in charge of it. It just doesn’t work.

It is maybe a bit surprising that no indie team has tried to make a spiritual successor to X-Wing, but with low-fi or stylized graphics.

Rebellions are built on hope!

I mean Travis Baldree does seem to be aiming for that, i named Rebel Galaxy Outlaw for a reason! He has made clear that it is one of his influences.

Ok, more real talk. Part of where this is coming from is watching how FFG is treating the exclusive license in the board game space. Which is to say they’ve been very active in producing a variety of different games across multiple genres. Multiple RPG books, X-wing minis, Armada, Legion, Rebellion, Destiny, Empire vs Rebellion 2 player card game, Imperial Assault, Outer Rim.

We’ve got fleet and dogfight space miniatures, a ground combat miniatures, a descent style semi coop dungeon crawl, CCG, LCG, traditional board games, stand alone card games, RPG box sets for beginners, rule books for your traditional RPG groups, and more. They announce new games too, Outer Rim is their latest traditional board game offering.

Now contrast to EA.

Never, sir. Never.

I knew you’d have my back on this Brian ;)

Well, there’s dozens of us, but that would still mean an EA game, so I doubt I would care when I saw it.