Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

The is no shame on putting it on easy, other than all of us knowing you will never be a real Jedi. :P

I put it on easy, I aint got time for hard combat. That’s for 14 year olds who aren’t really into girls (or guys) yet.

Poked in here due to boredom and happened on a discussion of mocap and actors’ likenesses being used in games. Surely 2018’s Detroit: Become Human is the apex for this stuff so far, judging by the videos of it I have watched. As far as I know the actors in the original The Last of Us don’t look like their characters, although the same year saw Beyond: Two Souls, which did have its actors mocapped in (at least the two leads), although (I haven’t watched any videos of it, it doesn’t really interest me) I would imagine the five years between it and Detroit saw some serious improvements in the technique.

It’s pretty funny/interesting watching this happen. I remember (not all that long ago!) when the idea was that eventually computer-generated actors might replace real people in movies, and instead now flesh and blood actors are invading games!

Sure you’re not supposed to be in the Cyberpunk thread?

I am, yes. Scroll up a ways.

For real. @krayzkrok turn the difficulty down and you will have a much better time.

I take exception to this. Fallen Order’s combat is much more enjoyable than Dark Souls. I hate how slow and ponderous DS is, how you can see the enemy winding up and you want to block but you can’t because you’re either out of stamina or there’s 2ms left in your attack animation so you just have to die. (Or you can’t see the enemy winding up because, hey, its attack patterns are completely random.)

I also never understood the attraction of having to google how to beat every boss. (Edit - and mini boss… and some trash…)

I think I’ve died more to a single boss in DS3 than I did in the entire game of FO. Maybe not, but it certainly feels like it.

This sounds a lot more like DS than FO. DS is punishing. It’s a meme. “You Died.” FO is fun. Even when you fall to your death in FO they just pop you back up on the ledge with a small health hit.

I did Easy combat cause I sucked at it.

I put it on easy. Getting two hit by just about everything got tiresome after a while.

I didn’t really love this either (but liked it well enough). I picked it up because I heard it was Star Wars - Dark Souls, which holy crap that sounds great! I ended up really liking the set-piece moments (like the intro and when you’re driving the AT-AT) and not enjoying the moment to moment play. Most of the combat felt trivial with periodic intense spikes in difficulty that came out of nowhere.

The main character’s combat animations feel really flat to me, lacking any sort of weight or power. In particular, all the dual-sided saber animations just look like someone randomly swinging a stick without actually trying to hurt anyone. My biggest beef with the Dark Souls comparison is the level design. It’s just sort of boring, doesn’t add much to the combat encounters, and feels guided, no real feeling of exploration. Which is even worse due to the progression issues Ultrazen mentioned above. If progression isn’t going to be an interesting mechanical part of the experience, I’d have preferred something even more linear, with more set-pieces and less backtracking.

There was enough cool stuff that I’m hoping they do a sequel, though. I think the team taking a second stab at what worked could turn into something great. I don’t regret playing it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Well I hit a nerve there! I think perhaps I didn’t explain myself very well. Dropping the combat to easy won’t fix it, it’s not that it’s necessarily difficult (I like difficult) although certain enemies can be quite punishing, it’s that I’m not finding it satisfying in the way I expected. Lightsaber combat feels mostly insubstantial, and only really flies when I’m doing Jedi shit like reflecting lasers back at stormtroopers. The Second Sister fight near the start was great, but since then it’s been mostly dodging. I mean, it still has its moments, but it’s not what I perhaps hoped. That’s what I meant by not feeling like a Jedi.

The loot hunt that made Dark Souls (a game this one is clearly trying to emulate, at least in part) compelling is absent here without any meaningful loot. I haven’t touched a lightsaber bench since near the start, I think that side of the game is a failure.

Perhaps I might be better off using mouse+kb instead. The controller feels too imprecise for things like rope jumping (oh my god, the number of times I’ve missed those), and even spinning around in combat might be improved.

Bear in mind my rant was born partly from frustration at dying to yet another poorly-judged environmental obstacle. I think that ice slide on Zeffo where you have to force slow those two sequential spinning blades at the right position lest you slam into the blade and fall to your death or slide off the side of the 90 degree turn if you made it but not quite at the right angle fucking broke me. The aforementioned spinning broken fan where you need split-second timing after a 10 minute unsaveable section was the last straw.


ps. I think I lied when I said I wasn’t enjoying it much. I am enjoying it in parts, but it’s just not as good as I hoped. And now, with that off my chest, I will try that stupid spinning blade of doom again.

I’ve been really enjoying this one the last couple of weeks. I definitely found that I like the combat more when making more use of parries over dodging, and with liberal use of force powers and special moves – agree that it feels a bit flat at first before you’ve unlocked a lot of them. Playing on hard, it feels about right, in that some encounters take 5-10 tries, but I can feel myself improving as I learn them.

I agree that chests feel pointless since I don’t care about the cosmetic options, but I still get the same sense of wanting to poke around everywhere because of the force echoes giving experience as well as bits of story, as well as the occasional health/force/stimpack upgrades.

I got a bit frustrated with that slide when I was trying to time the slow to when the fan was in the right position, but it got a lot easier once I started slowing it whenever I was getting close, and then angling my jump to wherever the opening happened to be.

More importantly, all the environmental obstacles are super forgiving because they just cost you ~10% health and put you back at the start to try again, so even if you have to try something 5 times, it’s just a minor setback.

You’re talking about the abandoned base near the crash site on Zeffo, right? Don’t you only have to cross that on the way back, after you’ve already explored the whole area, so it doesn’t matter if you die? Also, you can totally just jump down and kill the miniboss before you go into that area so you don’t have to worry about it.

I’ve unlocked perhaps a dozen of them, of course not all of them force powers (mostly they are just stat improvements, and things like group push which I can’t seem to get to work). Force push is great for throwing stormtroopers over the edge, but it doesn’t seem to work on large foes where you actually need a bit of help. It’s like playing a battlemage who only has a couple of level 1 spells. I think I need more practice with parries - I can execute them with stormtroopers easily enough, but I’m less successful with… well, anything else. :)

Yes, that’s the spot. If that’s simply the way out, I wonder what the purpose of the abandoned base is then? You don’t get jack or shit from it. Maybe I’m in the wrong spot for that part of the game. I will try again later and see where I may have gone wrong (come to think of it, the distance of the meditation spot from that area might be a clue that it’s not on the main path).

You dropped down into the miniboss arena and explored the tunnels leading away from there, right? I remember that area definitely counted as a secret and had a force or health upgrade (in addition to the bonus from killing the miniboss). But yes, it’s an optional area off the critical path.

Parrying is way more important than dodging. You should be doing that more.

Finished this up last night. Liked it quite a bit overall. Remarkably well rounded game, in that the combat, exploration, puzzles, and story were each individually around B+/A- level – good but not exemplary – and they were mixed well enough to keep things from getting boring.

I stayed on Jedi Master difficulty all the way through, and it felt right. I could get killed when being sloppy or learning a new enemy type, but I always had the tools to avoid being overwhelmed. Came close to turning it down on the final boss, but managed to prevail with the barest sliver of remaining health after a dozen-odd tries, so I’m glad I stuck it out.

I would count this as a solid, enjoyable 7.5. except the ending which makes a better starwars plot than anything Disney put out so far.

How is the game on Xbox these days? I remember reading about some glitches and frame rate roughness when it first released, but that it was patched quite a bit since then.

I played on Xbox back around release and I don’t remember any serious problems. But I probably don’t notice frame rate slowness unless it gets really bad.

There were definitely some noticeable framerate drops, but nothing too severe. Don’t recall any particular glitches.