Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Coming 2023

Any bets on how long it takes to progress from chopping down trees with flint axes to building your first lightsaber?

(Joking, I know it isn’t a survival game.)

It’s concerning that California Kyle isn’t wearing a poncho. The rich fabric, design, and fit options are what made the first game a hit.

Hopefully the sequel doesn’t start you off again as a level 1 padawan with no force powers, but instead continues his progression of reconnecting with the holy spirit.

Thanks, now I want a Star Wars survival crafting game.

Well hang on, I played the first game and I have no idea what’s going on here. So there’s a bit of a time skip I guess, but who’s the bad guy? Who’s the person floating in the tank? I guess that’s why they call it a teaser.

I’m in on Day One of course. But yeah, that is a very mysterious teaser for someone who played through the first game. I’m assuming that villain is the new inquisitor in charge of chasing down our hero.

I assume it’s a survival game where you vote people off Tattooine.

I think there is actually a LEGO Star Wars one on Apple Arcade…

Now you can unlock minimally different ponchos for your ship

Hey, wasn’t that Bruce Spence reprising his role as Pothole Planet’s Corduroy Face from Episode III – Return of the Sith? I really liked that line that Obi-Wan gave him. “If you have warriors, now is the time.” That sounded so pulp sci-fi.

Pretty sure I tried that one and wasn’t impressed.

I think a start wars crafting survival game would be pretty good.

Anyway, I hope this is not another “souls like” game. I did enjoy the last game, but never played it more than once and had to turn it down to easy mode fairly early in the game.

I enjoyed the first one, it was uneven and I hated the mid-fight cut scenes but overall it was fun. Maybe a little less parkour,

It’s a direct sequel so expect it to be basically the same game, just more so.

I hate soulslikes and found Fallen Order to be fine on easy difficulty.

The main thing I want is easier map traversal. I wanted to explore more in the original game, but getting across some of the larger maps was too much of a PITA.

Moisture farming on Tatooine, day 2,362: Got one full cup of water! Now onto looking for wood to chop.

You have to build a ship before you can go to the tree planet.

All I see is one dude staring longingly at another naked unconscious dude. I’m all for diversity but this is getting creepy.

His lightsaber has a purple tip and it’s so much bigger than mine!!