Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

These are wild to me. People seem to really love getting more lightsaber parts, which I guess gives them that collector dopamine hit, but I’ve never understood the urge in this or the previous game. You can barely see the hilt of the saber when it’s being used. It could be a chromed up camera flashbulb handle (har har) for all I care.

Well, on the positive sides at least they don’t sell keys to the chests for $1 each, or 12 for $10, BEST VALUE.

‘get off my lawn’ and all that, but I totally ignore cosmetic items, be in single player games, in multiplayer games, in rpgs, in action games…

Performance is still awful, the game moves so unevenly between 55 and 95 ms of pc latency, with even high peaks sometimes. Today I had a moment where it reached 1000ms of latency, even.

OMG, EA, fuck off with… everything related to starting the damn game.
Every few days the EA desktop app is asking me the credentials, today is asked me instead to accept he new legal conditions, and the game has to rebuild the shader cache every time I execute it.

The cache rebuild at launch was another thing that turned me off from the game.

Installing the game on a fast M.2 PCIe drive really helps. Building shader cache at the start goes faster after a few restarts of the game until you do a driver update and then it takes very long once or twice.

Regarding framerates, I am having minimal to no issues on a 7800XT. I turn raytracing on from time to time specially outdoors and most other settings are at max all the time. Even 6700XT handles it decently at 4K, with FSR setting of “Quality”, second highest texture quality and with no raytracing.

The game is excellent. I have upgraded to 6 stimpacks and am probably more than halfway through story, with the load screen showing 47% completion.

Any chance you have removed the climbing bits as well :grinning:

17 hours played at this point. The game has a surprising amount of platforming mixed with some puzzles and exploration outside the main path, substantially more than the minutes you are in combat.

Also, there is a notable character writing in the game. It’s well done, without being very overstated.
The main story is a bit weaker on the other hand, lacking a sense of direction and drive.

…and finished it!

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. In fact on the 20th hour mark, I felt already had experienced all the game had to offer in combat, platforming and exploration, and I started to think it would be nice to play some other thing, but the game still continues for 5 more hours, so the final part was a bit of a slog for me.
Although these last hours were marked by a plot twist I didn’t imagine…

I’m in that part right now, and I agree. Also, the heel turn for Bode was really, really predictable. During the intro tutorial sequence as soon as I saw the Big Affable Lug I said to myself, “No way this guy doesn’t stab me in the back at some point.”

The game also lacked a hot, steamy sex scene between Carl and Merrin.
Kotaku or IGN could make an article with the title ‘what SW Survivor could learn of Baldur’s Gate 3’ :P

That’s it, I’m calling him Carl from now on; he will dress and style his hairs like a Carl.

Finished! Not bad, on reflection the endgame was just a bit long, not too bad. I went back and beat the Rancor, but still haven’t beaten the Oggdo. I was also not that keen on being forced to embrace the dark side to complete the game.