Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PC and PS5

Interesting. Very interesting.

I will forever love Jennifer Hale’s work


Now this is a remake I’ll play (but not pay $30 for at launch).

No information on whether it’s a substantial remake (like Mass Effect 1) or a minor one (like 2 and 3). My guess is the former; it was an original Xbox game and needs a lot of work to be graphically acceptable. Even ME1 was a 360 game.

Thank god it is also coming to PC. And it sounds like it’s going to be a complete remake.

Complete remake = we’re making it all action combat

I tried replaying KOTOR again a couple of years ago, and man, that game did NOT age well. Story was as good as ever, but camera control, graphics, and gameplay was terrible.

Yep, nope, it’s 18 years old, and nope.

Not sure I care about the remake, but it’s nice to see Aspyr growing and getting success. And BIOWARE not being anywhere near it.

What can be said about the combat is it can be tolerable. But the combat is literally the least important aspect of a good Bioware game for me. Also I have a very high threshold for inferior gameplay if the narrative and player choice are superior.

I didn’t even like the UI for the dialogue choices!

Honestly, it was all just so dang ugly.

KOTOR pulled off quite the coup in the story department, but the Neverwinter Nights system underlying it was just tedious yuck.

I don’t mind. D20 is actually a really stupid system for Star Wars.

The inventory is horrendous.

I hope they take the opportunity to expand the game universe, it always felt so small and self-contained, didn’t really reflect the Star Wars frontier feel. And of course I get it, it had to fit on the original Xbox, there were memory limitations, all that. This is a great chance to blow things up

There is no gameplay in that trailer.

I thought it was great for the time. I felt like I was playing a Star Wars movie. Sure, today they need to do more, but at the time, it was expansive enough for me. All those varied planets were amazing.

I loooooved NWN and KOTOR back in the day, but that engine is one stinky fart through today-Adam’s eyes.

It was very good for it’s time. If they’re going to bother remaking it then I’d like to see a game thats very good for its time.

One of the amusing things about each new Bioware game (or other games that used the engine, like The Witcher) was trying to pick out all the leftover animations and quirks that were still there from Neverwinter Nights. The little shuffle toward an item to pick it up was in there for almost a decade.