Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PC and PS5

I already wrote that I tried to replay it two years ago. It was enough of a slog that I tapped out midway through. I loved the game when it first came out and I have fond memories of it, but playing it now is just too gnarly. As @stusser noted, it has the really ugly early 2000’s 3D look. The UI sucks. The inventory system sucks. It just hasn’t aged well.

That PSX/PS2/OG Xbox era of early 3D games can really benefit from visual uplifts. We’ll see if Dead Space from the 360 era is enough of an uplift to warrant a remake, but since I’ve been playing the 360 era Dead Space 2 recently for the first time, it sure doesn’t feel deficient in any way. With the 360 era, 3D graphics had reached enough of a visual fidelity that they still look great today.

The interface for that early 3D era was problematic too, I’m not sure why. Developers just weren’t as good at console interfaces yet coming from the PC side, I suppose.

Yep the gameplay is still great, but the UI is awful and the early 3D graphics are tough to take.

I can still see that one animation for two characters banging their sabers/blades together in melee perfectly in my mind.

Because there was seriously one animation that played in between actual attack events, IIRC.

Different levels of expectation I guess. I remember being fine with basic animation because there was d20 running underneath and I could see the rolls and outputs.

Kinda like Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but bit a lot less visual bling.

I hope KOTOR keeps the RPG engine and does not go full action-adventure myself…

Again it’s a remake, not a sequel. Expect them to improve the graphics and UI, hopefully substantially, but don’t expect anything else. Like the Mass Effect 1 remake but more so as it’s a full generation older.

If they did that, I would play it again, as I quite enjoyed it. Not so sure about buying it again.

I’d love to see a video meme with the climax of that dramatic remake trailer going straight into gameplay from the original.

I’d kick up fifteen dollaroonies for KOTOR 1 and 2 remade with greatly improved graphics and UI.

Hell, I’ll bet most of the needed assets are in the Unity and Unreal stores ready to go.

Okay. You have convinced me. $15 and no more.

And Fallout 76 for free.

Was the argument the same for Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition?

I don’t recall anyone expecting whole new games from those remakes no.

Sounds like this is more than just a graphics/ui update. The dev said they are “rebuilding from the ground up”. But without specific details, we’ll have to wait and see what that actually means.

The engine is so ancient that you’d have to, to make it look even remotely modern.

Does this remake mean that this story will be canon again?

I paid $70 for a remake of Demon Souls, $90 for the remake of FF7 and DLC. Both well worth the purchase.

Those were both pretty significant remakes, yeah. They seemed justified.

Resident Evil 1 - 3, Final Fantasy 3 and 4, and Dragon Quest 4 - 7 all fantastic remakes well worth their full asking prices.

What did the remake of Mafia 1 go for? That was also a game from the early noughties, so in similar need of a bit of modern polish.

uh… let’s say that stance on gameplay surely is a minority opinion. Even more, outside this forum.

Mass Effect was more a remaster, than a remake!