Star Wars KOTOR

Just out of curiosity, in order for this game to make its July release date, when would it have to go gold? I heard that Microsoft does QA on games before they hit the shelves.

Also, anyone hear anything about Pirates of the Carribbean? I kept hearing before the end of June but still no news or announcements (the game doesn’t even seem to have its own boards set up).

Pirates of the Carribbean is supposedly shipping/hitting the stores tomorrow.

To answer your first question, I’m not sure. I don’t always hear the “gone gold” announcement for every game that comes out. But so far, I haven’t seen KOTOR’s ship date be moved in over a month, which is good news.

The gone gold announcement can be within a week of the target date and still hit stores on time, usually it just has to do with how much money the publisher is willing to shell out to get the mastering plants to dedicate enough space to making their title.

Going gold is the last stage of development. After that, it’s duplication, packaging, distribution, etc. Takes about 1-2 weeks.

Edit: It’s 1-2 weeks for PC games.

For console games, there’s generally a six-week difference between when a game really goes gold and when it hits store shelves. Some publishers hold their official announcement until a week or so before the game ships, but the submission process (to Sony, MS, Nintendo) and duplication takes some time.

If the magazine editors who read this board aren’t currently playing a review copy of KOTR, it won’t ship in July.

Not necessarily… :wink:

Kotor is going to rock if I may say so myself. It looks like its going to be NWN in SW clothing, but souped up! BTW would have been cool to have an editor for the pc version. oh well, xbox is okay, i guess…


DaveC, an inside scoop? Is KOTOR going to make its current ship date? My XBox is awaiting. :)

I’ll let Tom give the official poop, but I think I can say there hasn’t been any major change of plans as far as I know.

I have no idea what game you guys are talking about. I thought there was a typo, this thread needed to be moved to the movie section and this was a thread looking for the new DVD release of the R.O.T.O.R.

Then, when I saw PotC mentioned, I realized it was that Yugoslavian pirate title that ships tomorrow:

I wish you hadn’t said that. I am looking forward to KOTOR. I can’t stand NWN. But from what I have read, KOTOR will be a much deeper game in a lot of ways. You will even have a party to control, which I prefer. The depth of the skill/force system looks particularly interesting, and I like the Fallout-style idea of taking stims before battles to bulk up.

Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic.

Bioware’s Knights of the New Republic.
Should be KOTNR really.[/quote]


Bioware’s Knights of the New Republic.
Should be KOTNR really.[/quote]


Do I have to come out to Ontario and smack you about?

Nah, I’ll be up there on the 9th, I’ll be sure to drop by and say Hi, you can get any smacking in then if you want.

Actually it is titled Knights of the Old Republic, hence KOTOR.

I don’t really have much to do with KotOR PR… but as far as I know, there haven’t been any release shifts lately.

I’m not sure, but I think some publishers might handle this a bit differently than VUG… some might not consider it “gold” until Sony/MS/Nintendo says it passes certification. After that point it is only a week or two on the short side, right?

Tom (Ohle) - have any idea if it’s been submitted to MS yet?

So are there robotic police officers which go on haywire killing sprees or not.

Couldn’t tell ya, Jason,