Star Wars on Blu-Ray

Finally!!! I’m going to get to see Star Wars in true HD glor… What’s that? Special edition only?

Never mind ignore this thread.

Fuck Star Wars?

Wow, a chance to buy another copy of Star Wars. I’m … thrilled?

I just find it odd that they hid all the details for so many months only to release a pretty standard spec list.

Blu-ray would be the perfect opportunity to release all the versions (you could even throw in the edited for TV versions) and allow people to compare and contrast. Why Lucas continues to try to erase the original versions is beyond me…

Because George Lucas is a stupid, juvenile egomaniac. He doesn’t want the older versions with the “bad” effects to exist at all, and since it’s HIS movie, well, HE can do whatever HE wants with it.

At this point, I’m putting a hiatus on buying anything Star Wars until the little troll is dead and buried, so that I can be assured that no updates will be forthcoming. Then again, I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to start Game of Thrones until Martin got finished on account of how I got burned with Wheel of Time, and yet here I sit reading it anyway, so I’ll probably end up buying the damn things in a year.

I won’t. I find some of the changes to Star Wars (fuck the “New Hope” crap) to be unbearable. Not because they’re changes, but because they’re bad. Like the way the Han-and-Jabba scene repeats much dialog from Han-and-Greedo word for word. Hence I don’t want to own this version on Blu Ray. The only reason I have it on DVD is that it included the original, theatrical release. A poor, non-anamorphic transfer of it, but still better than my VHS copies.

Sigh, I just canceled my pre-order. I had higher hopes for this set.

If he put the theatrical versions on this one, how would he get you buy it again on Blu-Ray in a couple years?

I’ll gladly stick to my comprehensive collection of VHS releases. It isn’t as if any of us actually needs to watch them again to see everything that’s going on. (I can’t be the only one on this forum with all three films memorized.)

VHS releases … does that imply that you still have a working VHS player hooked up? Can we get a picture of the inside of your time capsule?

May the 4th be with you.

I don’t have it hooked up, but I do own one. I have very little need for it, as I haven’t watched Star Wars for a couple years now.

My theory is his wife at the time, film editor Marcia Griffin, was a big part of why Star Wars was Star Wars and his hatred for her has been taken out on these films and Star Wars fans in general.

I still have a VHS player. It’s one of those ones that is built in to the TV, and that TV is in the guest room (everything in the guest room is mildly substandard, so as not to encourage guests to stay longer than they need to).

She had a hand in many of Lucas, Spielberg and Coppolla’s early stuff, which some say is why their early stuff was so good. The divorce occurred the same year Jedi was released, and that’s right about when things started going south for all three of them, with the possible exception of Spielberg. I still say they could have used her input for Temple of Doom.

She’s not worked on anything since Jedi, according to IMDB, and this lengthy article says her whereabouts aren’t known. Sad.

Anyone checked the wall of George’s throne room?

By the way, the book based on that site (The Secret History of Star Wars) has tons of info on the behind the scenes relationships and such involved in the making of the original film. Marcia was a very strong influence on the original trilogy by almost all accounts.

Blargh. If I don’t get my awesome “Yub-Yub” Ewok song crescendo-ing into that glorious John Williams score to end my Star Wars trilogy, it just blows my whole viewing experience.

So many jaded fans. For me, I’ve had IV-VI on VHS & DVD and this is an opportunity to get the whole batch on BD (I currently don’t own parts I-III). Considering how many badzillion times I’ve seen the original films, I’m not even slightly concerned about which version is included or that the quality of parts I-III is, um, lower. I’ve certainly spent my money in worse ways and I’m not that big of a fan of Star Wars that I care about the “little things.”

As an aside, I just finished watching the Family Guy’s take on the original Star Wars trilogy. Not as funny as it should have been but it did generate a bit more interest in rewatching the SW movies. I’ll patiently wait until the BDs arrive, though.