Star Wars Outlaws - Ubisoft Massive's hive of scum and villainy

Avatar is not even on my gaming radar. Did it release on Steam?

Doubt it - Ubi have avoided Steam for their biggest games. It was pretty good…

Wow. For the most part for me if it’s not on Steam it doesn’t exist.

Avatar is coming June 17 to Steam.

I hope this game though is not a Watch Dogs-esque experience. Did not really like those for some reason.

This reviewer loved it:

With the caveat that I work for Ubi (on the publishing side), I think Avatar is really well done and worth checking out. It definitely has some Far Cry DNA, but after a few hours I realized that it’s not really intended to be played the same way. The terrain traversal is pretty cool and the world is extremely lush. I personally like it better than the Far Cry games, maybe because the lore of the world is so well developed?

As for Outlaws, colleagues who have played it really like it and are excited for the release. I personally have not had the chance.

I’m gathering that this game will debut on Epic (and Ubi, of course) only, too, like Avatar?

I’ve not played the game or have any connection to it, but I do know the Digital Foundry guys have been very positive about it since it came out.

I’m the same way, which is why my potential hype for this game will be long dead when it arrives on my platform of choice. Unfortunate, but that’s how that goes.

I would expect that.

Thanks @Clay - once it hits Steam it looks like it will be on my wishlist! So many games so little time…

A video I hadn’t seen before

This game looks pretty interesting, but my complaint is that in an open world game like this, I’d really prefer to create my own character, and be my own character, whether that be smuggler/rogue/semi-criminal (as in this game) or a bounty hunter, or something else. To me, that’s the whole purpose of being an open world game - to let me go wherever I want and be whoever I want. I don’t want to be a pre-made character locked into a certain class or profession. I feel like that limiting me to their pre-made character squanders all the possibilities and potential of an open world game.

But that’s just me, others may differ.

This bothers me a lot too. It is a real turn off for me. Sometimes it works, but even then, Id prefer my own character. IE: In the Witcher world, can I play a character who isn’t Gerralt?

I do realize in the Witcher case, that a lot of the story is based upon the character, but still, id love to see a more generic role available for some game that takes place in that universe.

I understand the Witcher games being more restricted, the story totally revolves around Geralt and who he is. Hard to get away from that, IMO. But what I really want is an open world Star Wars game where I can be who I want to be. I was really excited at first hearing about the “first open world Star Wars game”, but was less so when I heard that I had to play as a pre-existing character. For me, that’s taking half the fun out of the game for me when I think of open world games.

I do wish that they would at least have allowed us to choose the sex of our character. I usually prefer to play males in my games.

So do I. Characters in games are my avatar, a representation of me. Since I am a male, that is what I want to play. It also explains why I dislike it in games where I am playing a pre-defined character.

Now if the writing is really good, such as the case in W3, then I can overlook that. But in the vast majority of games, this is not the case.

I think it’s funny we get to experience what women have experienced in gaming for decades.

But agreed, A choice would have been nice like in the last AC games. Alas in those I also played the women.

Agreed. I’ve played women characters in ME:Andromeda and Cyberpunk, but I appreciated having the choice.

Only in some games. In others, probably most, they’re, you know, characters. That you control, within very severe constraints. But you’re not playing you. You’re playing Kratos or Mario or Lara or whoever.

I’m sort of 50/50 I guess. On the one hand, I like the freedom to roll up a persona as I see fit. OTOH, narrative, game flow, and worldbuilding can be enhanced a lot with a fixed character. It all depends on execution really.

I agree though a true open-world, choose-who-you-are type Star Wars game would be great. I also see why for a game like this they didn’t go that route. Star Wars Galaxies and The Old Republic, both MMOs, always struggled a bit with the combination of canon/lore and player expression. I think it would be really hard to satisfy the license holders these days with a game that allowed people the freedom to totally trash what omnipotent Disney decreed was acceptable.