Star Wars Pinball stays on target with Balance of the Force

Title Star Wars Pinball stays on target with Balance of the Force
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When October 17, 2013

It's pretty easy to be dismissive of Zen Studio's latest pinball tables. Check it out: Zen Pinball continues their tradition of milking franchises with three more Star Wars tables. These include a Darth Vader table with traditional ramp-based gameplay..

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Hmm. Your description of the video-game-y elements here really makes me think about what could be done using pinball mechanics, but applying the same kinds of design concepts of the recent computer-card game movement that does things that aren't really possible in the physical version. More stuff like Odama.

Is Pinball any good on the Vita? I haven't really got that good a feel from the demo so...

It's pretty good on the Vita. I quite like being able to vertically orient the tables with a full-screen top-down view. It's certainly better than on the iPad, where there's no tactile feedback for the flippers. However, some of my favorite handheld pinball was on the Nintendo 3DS. I really like the 3D.

"pandering Bona Fett references"

Boba's got a sister? Or is this more Star Wars Chick fanfic?