Star Wars: Pre-con by Mad Magazine

The New Sith thread reminded me of something I’d read many years ago in Mad. Over the weekend, I scrolled through my scans of old issues (better than scrounging around in the crawl space, I guess) and found it: It’s “The Star Wars Log: The Master Plan for Future Space Films” from the April 1982 issue, which is explained as George Lucas’s secret handbook that outlines the entire saga. Hope I didn’t shrink the images too much.

Ha, they actually got one of the ideas right on the last page.

Oh, and: OMG MAGSACANZZ!!!~!

Damn those images pulled the wool off my eyes and made me realize that star wars is just a soap opera for guys.

It’s a revelation like when your realize that action figures are just dolls for boys.

I’m going to go cry now.

The best part is that they name their second movie “Send in the Clones”. George must have been paying attention.

Wow, crazy. I think I owned a total of 3 copies of Mad Magazine as a kid, and I know that was in one of them.

And the part where the Yoda and the Jedi defend the Wookiee home planet against droids. Some of that’s just eerily close to what Lucas actually ended up doing, even the over-involvement of Boba Fett.

Mort Druker rules!