Star Wars Rebels - Disney's new animated series

  1. Takes place between Episodes III and IV.

Isn’t that when all the cartoons have taken place?

Cartoons are between Episodes II & III.

Unless you mean the old Droids cartoon. That was between III & IV :)

— Alan

Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be willing to wean themselves off the dependence on jedi. Since E.I-III, they’ve essentially relied on the jedi to drive the star wars universe, much moreso than E.IV-VI.

I think the issue is that Episodes IV through VI were primarily about Luke versus Vader, but also focused on Han and Leia, and the conflict of the Rebels versus the Empire as a whole. Episodes I through III were all about Anakin Skywalker being a whiny little douche and becoming all-powerful. I’m getting sick even remembering his scenes in Episode II, which had some otherwise half-good moments. It was all about the fall of the Jedi, while the original trilogy was about, yes, the Return of the Jedi.

In any event, I agree; the seedy underbelly and the methodology behind the clone troopers is much more interesting fiction than space wizards with swords, especially when they are supposed to be rare but we can’t move five feet in that universe without tripping over them.

Right, duh, the clone wars stuff was between II and III. Been awhile I guess since I gave SW serious thought… :)

And the Ewoks cartoon was between V and VI.

Depends which part of the timeline you refer to. They were pretty numerous before and after the trilogies, for instance, with some dips caused by things like Exar Kun.

Trailer leak. It got taken down pretty quickly, but not before someone snagged a few screens.

Could be decent if they focus less on Jedi vs. Empire and more on the struggles of regular people. Some of the best episodes of the Clone Wars animated series were focused on the clone troopers and other non-Jedi characters.

I would pay good money to see non-animated movies that featured clone/rebel troopers in the SW universe. For that matter I’d love a movie about colonial marines in the Aliens universe, or a movie based on Starship Troppers that didn’t suck balls.

I am seeing Mandelorian chick armor there, right?

Clone troopers differ from the others because they don’t have personalities. I do agree with your others, though I’m not sure if you’re (unfairly, IMO) saying the first Starship Troopers sucked or just making the uncontroversial statement that the sequels did.

Clone troopers definitely have personalities.

And Starship Troopers definitely sucked.

Starship Troopers did not suck. :p The sequels to it did though.

I am all for more Star Wars, I probably could watch lightsaber battles all day.

Clone troopers are cool, you say? :)

I haven’t really gotten into any of the supplemental material for the prequel trilogy, so I’m guessing that’s what you’re basing this on. But unless they’ve got some really good ideas (which I doubt, given the base material) I don’t see how this is supportable. I don’t think personality is genetically determined, though neurochemistry is presumably mostly genetic, meaning clones would be equally predisposed to aggression, short temper, addictive personality, and such. The real issue that would keep them from having distinct personalities is their regimented upbringing, in which they all had identical experiences designed to encourage specific behaviors. Once they shipped out they would naturally begin to diverge, but even so you’re going to have largely identical people with a few quirks separating them. From that template, there’s no way you end up with a platoon of soldiers as distinct as the Colonial Marines in Aliens.

And Starship Troopers doesn’t suck. Anyone who thinks so sucked at watching it. Don’t feel bad, it’s a common problem.

Of all the things to get sciency with in Star Wars, Clone Troopers being written as interesting characters is one I’d put at the very end of the list.

Why are we talking about clones and Starship Toopers when we could be talking about sexy Boba Fetts??

I certainly know which set of personalities is more cartoonish.