Star Wars: Skeleton Crew - Jude Law joins the Galaxy Far, Far Away

The series is due to shoot this summer with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni executive producing.

That’s all I need to see


Described internally as an “Amblin-style 80s family adventure” (paraphrasing) where they were looking for 3-4 kids in their teens.

Star Goonies anyone?

— Alan

Caravan of Courage: The Series!

Every time I see a new photo of Jude Law, he looks 10 years older.

Oh word, did I miss the part about the restraining order against Rodriguez?

Awesome, always love Jude Law in everything he does.

While I like a lot of the stuff, I’m worried we’re about 2 series away from “Ewok Christmas Adventure”.

Or an Explorers reboot!

jeez, that seems really fast. Feels like it was just the other day the casting even got announced.

— Alan

Things move along quickly if you’re only using the Volume & virtual sets I guess?

Is that specifically a wrap on the stunts? No mention of the rest of the cast wrapping.

Stunt coordinator George Cottle shared a video on Instagram celebrating the moment.

Stunt actor Juliana Potter also shared on her Instagram Stories a message after wrapping

My impression of using volume is that it’s not that fast either, apparently. Partially because of the work (essentially pre-production) you put it in beforehand (using the volume, not the cost of putting it together), and there’s still quite a bit you have to put in for production. It changes how you do production, but to be honest I’m not exactly sure it makes it easier. It simplifies a few very real things but makes other things a lot more difficult.

At least for now, maybe in 5-10 years it’ll smooth out a bit.

And of course not even sure Skeleton Crew was filmed using one or not (I dunno if that was mentioned).

— Alan

For some reason, I misread the thread title as Judd Hirsch.