Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series

Any fans of this show here? I purchased the CE of S1-5 on sale since I’d heard good things about it but I have to say at 8 episodes into S1 I’m pretty disappointed. So far it’s everything I hated about Ep I-III, annoying characters I can’t stand (Anakin and Jar-Jar!), unbelievably stupid enemies (the droid army is the worst army in the history of armies), and weak story and plot (every episode is basically Jedi run into Gen Grievous, right occurs, Grievous escapes in ship). Please tell me I didn’t waste my money and this series gets better!

I started a thread on this about one and a half years ago (which died again soon after). I came into it with pretty low expectations and ultimately did burn out on it pretty quickly (about halfway through season 2), but of what I saw I found the second half of season one much better than the first. I can’t recall it in great detail, but judging by my comments from the earlier thread, the next two episodes (9 and 10) might just be two of the better ones in season one.

My kids are rewatching the series on Netflix. For them it is nostalgic since it was a show of their youth ( they are 17, 19, and 20 now). Imagine being nostalgic at that age!

I always liked the series but I took it as a lighter fare than the movies. How good can something be when you know that one of the heroes becomes one of the worst villains to become good again at the last second.

We all know this particular series especially being a cartoon was all about the toys!