Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII

We have an official title.

Is this going to be one of those things like where a band says it’s their last tour every time they do a tour but we all know they’ll keep touring forever?

Remember when Obi-Wan was the last Jedi? Good times…


Ohhh gaaawwwddddd.

So this one will be the remake of Return of the Jedi and the third movie will be a remake of Empire Strikes Back… perhaps New Order Attacks Anew?

Pffft. I remember “when gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be” and that was crap too. Of course Jedi plural is also Jedi, so maybe “the last Jedi” is just a planet full of Jedi. Psych!

“The last 4.7 billion Jedi on Jeditopia Prime are all that stands between the galaxy and someone at Disney deciding that the Yuuzhan Vong were a good idea after all.”

I’m curious to see how Disney/Lucasfilm work Asohka Tano’s story out as Rebels catches up to the original trilogy.

What’s there to work out, you already have your answers, sure there wasn’t a “concrete” answer, but really, it was concrete enough…

Did I miss something? Last I saw…

She was still alive. Filoni even said he made the ending “ambiguous” for fans to go either way.

The Jedi are shutting down operations after millennia due to increasing pressure to become more secular and science-based and to incorporate more women into mysterious hermit roles.

This is the story of their final days.

Ambiguous? It’s only ambiguous if they ever decide to continue her story, she and Vader fought, he lived, she wasn’t seen again though something that can be interpreted as her dying was shown. She’s dead Jim! Of course if they want to, they can justify her not being dead, it’s SW, after Maul you can always justify Force users surviving…

cough Iron Maiden cough

Luke’s training was in Empire Strikes Back, and we’re sure to see something similar in The Last Jedi.

The best part will be when Rey confronts the dream-vision Kylo Ren in a tree-cave.

In spite of seeing that picture many times before, it just dawned on me that it’s a riff on Luke carrying Yoda. Duh.

The Last to Get the Joke: A Clay Story

So wild crazy speculation can begin.

Luke a Jedi. Rey a powerful force user and we assume future Jedi. So Luke doesn’t make it out of Episode VIII and its now just Rey?

Or…dun dun dun…Rey doesn’t become a Jedi and instead goes to the dark side to become a Sith Lord.


And Darth Gosh has his moment of redemption and turns it around and is the good guy!