Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


Considering what J.J. did with Force Awakens, I guess we can expect 7 feet tall Ewoks in Episode IX. ;)


Er, you mean Wookies?



This is…okay.

I love The Force Awakens. But I’m a little nervous about J.J. giving it all a meaningful and satisfying conclusion. Setting a bunch of cool ideas in motion always seemed like his strength.

I was kind of hoping Rian Johnson would end up with episode IX, but that was a little irrational of me because we still don’t really have any idea how good VIII will be.

Anyway, things could certainly have been worse.


Good lord. I’m gonna need a Star Wars Directors flowchart. I have no idea what is going on.


“…what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.”


I absolutely loved The Force Awakens so this “safe” choice makes me super happy.

Gotta go watch this again:


I loved the first half of The Force Awakens but then it felt like it collapsed into formula in the second half. So I guess I’m 50% ok with this news!


Between JJ Abrams and Colin Trevorrow, I’ll take JJ any day. Besides, I like the idea of JJ getting to finish the story he started.


I still don’t really know what a Colin Trevorrow is because I am an uncultured slob who didn’t watch the newest Cretaceous Park, but I liked TFA just fine. . . and really didn’t care for NuTrek. . . hmmmmm. I am unsure how to feel about this.


I don’t know who Colin Trevally is either but he’s probably a nice guy who needed to spend a little more time with his family. And hey, I totally forgot that I really dug those new Treks so now I’m totally on board with the other what’s his name directing another one! Thanks Obama!


I think Johnson ending up with it would’ve been better for the IX, since I think his least movie is better than Abrams best, but I’m also way more interested in seeing what Johnson does outside of Star Wars, so I’m fine with this.

Abrams is certainly preferrable to Trevorrow, and he’ll probably please Disney and fans with a good-looking and tonally consistent piece of franchise maintenance.


Ah! The launch date has been pushed back as well.


Called it in the Wonder Woman thread, when the WW sequel was announced for Dec 13, 2019:

So those are pretty huge movies to be opening a week apart.


im guessing Rian didn’t want to commit to a couple more years after the time spent on VIIIalready. Just look at how doing back to back Avengers movies made Whedon into a shell by the end of it.

Not a fan of Abrams doing it but it’s the “safe” choice at this point and on short notice. He gets along with Kennedy so hopefully no more firings for awhile.


Completely agree. I would have preferred Rian J, even without seeing episode 8, but JJ probably would have been my 2nd choice even though I’m not a big fan of his work generally. There’s a lot to be said for consistency in this story arc, and JJ guarantees a minimum quality level at least.


100% agreed on all of that. Well said.


WW will probably cave and move to that pressure. Even opening a couple of weeks earlier would greatly benefit WW rather than being in direct competition.


“Tonally consistent piece of franchise maintenance”. So avant-garde.

Is this what we should expect from Hollywood??? If Episode 9 is as more-of-the-same as Episode 7, then it is going to be a rental for me.


Why are you expecting Disney/Lucasfilm to take a risk with a main Star Wars movie?


Artistic integrity!