Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


Something something power converters…



On the contrary, this is the very best reason to bar Disney films from award consideration. Several media publications have joined with the LA Times in solidarity to not review Disney movies on press release because of this very bullshit practice Disney seems to be engaging in.


Yeah, it seems like a justified action.

The Toronto Film Critics Association has joined the protest, too.

Edit: Disney’s L.A. Times ban is over!


Well all righty then! Solidarity, baby!


So the Rebels won?


No matter the situation or the outcome, Disney wins.


Depends on how you define win. Disney definitely backed down this time.


That’s not how these things work. They probed and got slapped. All they’re doing is letting things quiet down. They’ll be back.


Well now I don’t doubt that. I just don’t think any different outcome could be expected.


This reminds me of that line from Airplane!

“Guess I chose a bad year to pick a fight with the Press!”



Holy crap. I guess we know what Rian will be doing for the next decade or so.


Holy shit. Lucky bastard


This bodes well for The Last Jedi because if they are willing to hand the keys over to Rian for a new trilogy even before his movie gets released, they must have a lot of confidence in his work so far.


Yeah, that’s really good news all around.


Maybe or it means they think he is good enough and can be controlled/relied upon to churn out SW movies like Marvel does with their stuff.
I guess it’s just another save choice which isn’t necessarily bad, it does provide stability for the franchise but I’ll wait and see what he actual produces in the end (not like there wasn’t “stability” under Lucas either).


Everything he’s already created is better than everything ever created by JJ. Brick, in particular, is great.


I’ll wait until I see Last Jedi before getting excited. This decision to hire Rian for a new trilogy is being made by the same people who released Force Awakens as is. That doesn’t bode well for their decision making prowess.


I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that one of the most important qualities Lucasfilm wants in a director is compatibility with Kathleen Kennedy. Rian Johnson apparently fulfills at least that criteria.