Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


First reactions to TLJ seem overwhelmingly positive.

That makes me happy. Rian Johnson strikes me as one of the good guys in Hollywood. Happy to hear that he (apparently) nailed it.


Not that I think there’s something to be concerned about, but movie companies have gotten super smart about early premiers and stack them full of people who will only say great things on social media. This isn’t specific to TLJ, it’s for every blockbuster. So it’s nice to hear, but don’t assume that this proves the movie is actually good.


Here’s how it’ll go.

Premiere Tweets: Glowing and ecstatic

Reviews and fan reaction: Pretty Positive.

One year later: Everyone now hates it except for me.


I still like all the new Star Wars movies as well - you are not alone :-)


I’ve watched the ending of Rogue One easily a hundred times. :)


In related news…it’s FUCKING MONDAY and trying to find a weekend showtime that works at any local theater with decent seats is almost impossible!

And I live in Los Angeles! Jesus fucking Christ.



Are they all sold out already? Or do your friendly local theaters not allow for far-in-advance purchases? I suppose the theaters might be on fire, too. Hope you get some tickets!

Some of my wife’s coworkers bought a block of tickets on Thursday night, and I get to tag along with them. They’re for a 3D showing…but I feel like it would be churlish to complain.


Thanks. Me too!

No, they’re not sold out totally. But close. Problem is I have to see it well before Sunday night and I need to go with my kid. And it’s just shocking that our local favorite theater has like two seats in the front row for Friday afternoon, and the larger theaters are almost totally blocked off for most shows on Saturday.

I say “shocking” but I kind of was dreading this was the case. Things is, you can’t always buy tickets for a movie opening on December 15 in November. Because…kids. Schedules. Baby sitters. Etc. So I figured it would be bad…just not this bad.



I found the unicorn. Four reserved seats center of the theater, Friday night, RPX, and no 3D!


Cool, I’m a little envious. The Force Awakens was the first Star Wars movie I didn’t catch opening night (I think - may not have seen the original opening night) and then I still haven’t actually seen Rogue One. Would like to be there for this one.


Back when tix went on sale in mid-October, I bought seats for this Friday at 7PM, RPX. Sadly. 3D as well, but it was more or less fine in 3D for the last two years…

Friday has become less convenient as the date approaches, but you’ve got to prioritize! The kids and I are getting excited. Well, probably me, more than the kids, since Vader isn’t played by Dan TDM.


Itzkoff is a professional gadfly and snark-agent. He ain’t saying nice things about this movie without having been moved.


Translation: Luke is a total loser now.


Doo-dah. Doo-dah.



What does ARMOND WHITE think?


I hope the movie is good, because TFA suffered from both too much action and a story that only felt half-started. I am withholding judgment as to whether the series is good or not until I see that the story has actually progressed/moved a significant amount. (Hard to explain.)


So got my tickets this morning. 6:30 Friday night. Good seats too, though they were getting pretty scarce. Even with shoes running every 30 minutes there was only a handful of good tickets available for the evening, most shows only had the very front row or very back corners left.

So hype!


I’m taking the kids to a double feature tomorrow, the Force awakens followed by the last Jedi.

Hopefully we all make it to the end still awake (at 3am).


How about now that we’re getting some serious critical reviews, like from @tomchick fave rave Manohla Dargis?

Will Leitch – also no one’s shill, and the co-host of the OTHER movie podcast I listen to regularly – is also a big fan.


How spoilery are those reviews? I want to swim around in Last Jedi movie discussion but not be shocked by enjoyment-ruining revelations for me… like Matt Damon’s kid in Syriana.