Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII

Well, that was just the worst.

Worst SW movie for me, it killed my interest in seeing the next one. None of the characters had any charisma except Hamill, Finn and Rose especially zero chemistry, Snoke was a Joke…

on the other hand it made me want to replay KOTOR2 so there’s that.

I am very excited by the divided impressions I’m seeing.

I dunno I liked it. Rogue One was trash but this was good.
Hammill is the star.

I like what I am reading here.

No spoilers but I thought it was terrible. Saw with two friends and they felt the same. Flat, no energy. Plot makes zero sense and is wildly disconnected. Luke was great but wasted and misused. Entire thing was snarky and felt like a parody or fan fiction. Force Awakens had issues but felt natural to me as part of Ep 4-6. This felt completely a different movie…doesn’t surprise me Lucas liked it…seeing as his 1-3 were awful and for me basically don’t exist. A kids movie…ugh, sorry…so disappointed. Looking forward to discussing with spoilers at some point…

I actually really liked it, other than that side adventure that totally took us away from the thing they had going. Also a little too much unnecessary prequel cute/goofy stuff in there. Otherwise, I was surprised by the fact that they kept surprising me. Thought most of it was gorgeous despite was stuck in the front row. Yes, there will be lots of nitpicking ahead, but I enjoyed the ride without anything that infuriated me.

I’m curious to get to spoilers with the people who hated it.

Yeah seriously, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. This forum needs a spoiler thread!

Thread made!

At theater now-- I’ve avoided spoilers and even trailers… hope it doesn’t suck.

This was great but not perfect; I still like The Force Awakens even more.

It’s good and I enjoyed it. But I couldn’t stop myself from wishing from time to time that it was better. Again, I’m not saying it’s bad… but for some aspects of the story I just wanted something else (I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly).

Even if anyone doesn’t like it there’s plenty of points to criticize so that’ll keep a certain type of viewer happy for some time as well.

I haven’t yet read any of this thread so time to go see if the hivemind has a consensus.

I hated it. Even immediately after leaving the theater, I couldn’t remember whole swaths of the movie. The prequels, however miserable at times, were at least memorable.

Finn had not one witty line. There weren’t character arcs to speak of. Rian Johnson clearly doesn’t understand the tone of a Star Wars movie.

I miss JJ Abrams. I never thought I’d say that. (Although I suppose I was a huge supporter of Force Awakens here at QT3.)

We have some real grumpy people here!

Wonder why the early Qt3ers are generally down, will find out today I guess. I would pop into the spoiler thread and find out why, were it not for the fact I already have my tickets for today.

It’s WAY too long and structured so oddly. I’m still not sure if I liked it or not. Impossible to discuss without spoilers, so I’ll head over to that thread. I’ll just say that my one hope for the movie, that Mark Hamill would be awesome, was completely fulfilled. By leaps and bounds he’s the best part of the film.

On the whole, I loved it. Not every part, but most every part.

I forgot about this kind of nostalgia: I go to see a Star Wars movie, really enjoy it, and come home to read about so many people hating it. It’s like my early 20s and the prequels all over again!

I had a good time watching the prequels for the first time as well. Trust me, it sucks to now be on this side :(

Well that sounds nice at least!

I’m not a cranky movie watcher so I’ll probably like this fine unless it’s super duper heavy-handed.

So he does the entire movie in his Joker voice?

It was pretty decent entertainment for a ‘blockbuster’ (action scenes tend to bore me). Hamill was easily the highlight, makes me wish he had more movie roles!

There was more in the way of overt themes this time, a few more shades of grey, more attempt at character development. Which to me made it more interesting, even if executed on the somewhat heavy-handed side.

It also seemed pretty keen to keep you guessing about where it was going - lots of little subversions and twists along the way. Some satisfying resolutions to fan-theory nonsense. :)

The humour worked pretty well, certainly better than the ‘who speaks first’ stuff in Force Awakens.

In terms of negative, a bit too long and the side-quest that put two characters on a different planet for a while was odd. Though there was some decent payoff to part of that sequence in the final scene.

Porgs are cute.