Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII

I liked this quite a bit. Lots of great stuff in it. I loved the character-building, and I liked that the movie wasn’t afraid to break things in the Star Wars universe.

Overall, it’s a thumbs-up from me.

That said, this movie may have one of the silliest and off-putting openings of any Star Wars film, and it has one of the dumbest scenes ever put to the big screen.

Aww, but the “who speaks first” bit was good!

I’d argue it was better than the “I’m sorry I’m holding for Hux” gag in this one—which I laughed at, but it felt a tad too “modern Earthy”.

Ha! Yeah that bit was kinda lame and out of place, though I chuckled as well…

Ok leaving now to go to the theater.

The goodness is irrelevant. It was a Whedonesque, fourth-wall-leaning joke that was completely inappropriate for a Star Wars movie.

Yeah, it starts off pretty rough. It’s like there’s 2 movies happening - the one the Disney focus group assured stockholders would be profitable and another one that was poised to truly fuck your shit up, if only it wasn’t contractually required to include the other one.

Still: so many WHAT?! Moments. Like genuine surprise. Nice to see that Star Wars can still drop my jaw after all these years. And as cheesy as that “appeal to the kids” scene is probably gonna play for many people, I almost teared up.

Interesting to see how this one will be recieved, but it has “divisive” written all over it

So I liked it. I liked Luke’s arc, I liked some of the blurring the lines stuff happening. I have things I thought didn’t work, but in general I rank it well.

The main fleet mid section was awfully convenient, I’d say. Probably my biggest gripe was the logistics of that.

Man this is crazy talk. I could totally imagine Han Solo delivering this line in the original trilogy, it fit in perfectly well.

Hah- a co-worker of mine just came back from seeing and said it was great, and the opening showed they had learned from the mistajwd of the last one. Oh, and that Mark Hamil was the worst actor ever. Kinda funny reading what people here think in that light.

Skip this movie, seriously. Just go watch Rogue One (great) or A Force Awakens again (above average fanservice). Imo this is worse than Batman vs Superman AND Suicide Squad. It has so many stupid plotholes and bigger contrivances than even AFA. I am usually easily pleased by these blockbuster movies, but this movie just pisses me off for being a waste.

Go see it. There are some issues, but it has some fantastic moments and chatachter arcs.

Worse than Suicide Squad my foot.

I would like to know about these fantastic character arcs. I think I watched a different movie.

Last Jedi might be the last SW movie I watch. Incredibly stupid overall plot, depthless characters, a continued shitting on the old, beloved ones.

I’d like to know about these paragons of theatrical artistry that the original trilogy apparently was.

Good lord, people.

Princess Leia dies in this episode, doesn’t she?

You’ll have to find the answer to that question in the spoiler thread!

Well, I liked it as much as I liked A Force Awakens (a lot) and infinitely more than the mess that was Rogue One.

I think they are managing to keep the main new trilogy pretty much well tuned to the original tone. Although I could have done with a couple of jokes less.

Compared with A Force Awakens, I though this was more solid plot wise (less lows) but also the directing is far worse by about an order of magnitude, both in framing and mise en scene and in the directing of actors.

I liked the 1st half of Rogue One the most so far. The tropical base in the 2nd half looked too fake IMO.

Just went with the family and we all loved it. Loads of fun.

Man I thought Rogue One was the strongest, plot wise, of any of the modern Star Wars films.

This had some better elements, while having the dumbest (chase scene).

I really enjoyed this… There were some surprises. We’re allowed to have flawed heroes now. Minor CGI issues. Great fun.