Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


“The last Jedi, we are.”
“Master Yoda, I checked the Jedi council records. You’ve been saying that for centuries.”
“Mhm. Still true, it is.”


Still a better title than ATTACK OF THE CLONES no matter what it supposedly ‘means’.

Seems to be spelling out a sentence…

The Force Awakens… The Last Jedi…

Star Wars Episode IX: And She Gets a Coffee

Rian Johnson giving people a small peep at the opening crawl.

That entire office is very… Imperial looking.

Of course. It’s Disney now.


Leaked footage!

The packaging guidance gives us our first look at Rey.


Action callout: do everything unrealisticly well!

/slams bunker door shut while stifling a laugh

You know all the kids will be clamoring for PRODUCT NAME this Christmas.

YES! I particularly can’t wait for the FEATURE CALLOUT.


Check and mate Rubin.


But I’ll be back, and I’ll be waiting.

Ok argument settled on whether the title of the movie is intended to be singular or plural. Needless to say, the spoiler averse should just pass on by.

Ok, there are spoilers, and then there is the actual title of the film. I don’t think that the title of a film can be considered a “spoiler”

No, but what the title actually means might be.

As an aside: look, I don’t even try to second guess what constitutes a spoiler anymore. Spoiler phobia has become a pathology and I don’t need the grief of a million movie viewers crying out in terror and then not going silent.

I appreciate all the levels this works on, very much. Very much indeed.

Not only do I love the line, but it has gotten insane. It’s like you can’t even discuss or speculate on upcoming films anymore. I get that some, like Tom, want to go in completely clean. I can appreciate that, even if I fall far on the opposite side of the spectrum. I even try and be considerate tot he spoiler averse.

But the phobia is real, and those that suffer from it would do the rest of us well to stuff it, and just avoid the spoilers yourself.

Hence why I find the fact the title is definitively plural interesting. Certainly Luke, almost certainly Rey, and possibly Kylo. Maybe others even. It doesn’t tell us much other than the (already pretty rock solid speculation) fact Rey will undergo some training.