Star Wars: The Old Republic

How long until we hear otherwise?

When the possibility of a console version came up, the infamous wall of BioWare secrecy was raised. “The PC version is all we’ve talked about so far,” was the most Zeschuk would say.

Emphasis mine.

Except that’s not what Star Wars offers. In Mass Effect’s world you could pull that off.

In a single player game, sure.

Playing online alone while reading pages of text?

What Species and Classes can I play as?

We have yet to announce specific playable species and classes.

Someone wake me when they announce HK model droids are a playable class.

My thoughts exactly. My interest would drop considerably if it’s just jedi and smugglers.

Bioware promises a MMO with a real story. The line has been drawn in the sand, if they deliver everybody else had better follow.

You can decide to take the quest to commit genocide on boars … or NOT take it!

I like the art style a lot.

This is not nerd macho, although the continued use of that term pleases me greatly. Star Wars is tired. The fiction just isn’t robust enough to stay fresh after a hundred writers have had their way with it over the last 15 years of EU and sequels. Probably no fictional universe is.

I like Mass Effect’s universe quite a bit, and the devs certainly sank a lot of time into fleshing it out.

This is all moot though, as we’re obviously getting this and not a ME MMO. Bring it on anyway. I like the art, and BioWare is a hell of a good dev house when they’re given the time to finish a game properly.

Yes, because MMO players primary wish has always been a better story.

It’s the wish of this non-MMO player. Admittedly, I am a sample of one.

It’s certainly one of the reasons why I enjoy LOTRO so much…


Oh. That’s what they meant. LOL!


Yes, the question is: Why online?


I played SWG at launch. I actually preordered the motherfucker.

With this… I’ll be hesitant.

Because it gives your actions context in a persistent world, because you can play with your friends, because you can be recognized as a hero by actual people, because you can make real changes to the world that last. At least that’s what I mean when I think of a story. I want to be the hero.

SWG was very much Raph’s baby. If you played UO, you weren’t too surprised by SWG. It felt Raphy. SWTOR is being made by the KOTOR guys. It’ll feel KOTORy. Hopefully.

Dynamic story, told collaboratively online. MMO with a team of writers to keep the story alive and in tune with what the players have done. Less content but what is there continually evolves, like a television series or movie serial. Sounds cool to me.

But if the story never ends . . . how can it be a story? And if it’s an MMO how can it have an end?

Maybe that’s what’s needed to expand the player base. I have no interest in goaless grinding but I do like an interesting story.

Simple, the story does end, until they release more of it, every month, forever.

Are you attempting to do philosophy here? Are the Harry Potter books not a story because the last one hasn’t been written yet?