Star Wars Unleased for the PS3

First PS3 game that doesn’t look like ass or death warmed over.

Ofcourse it also looks prerendered.

Anyways I like the direction and hope there is a 360 port.

It’s just a generic next gen tech demo I think. (That said: I still want to play it real bad)

I’m pretty sure that it’s been announced for the 360 and ps3.

It’s a pre-viz demo. Lucas Arts released it or it leaked, but either way, this is what they’re aiming for. None of it is gameplay if I recall correctly.

You can already do that in oblivion with the MoM mod. Not the tie fighter bit, but the flinging the dude around bit. Still, could be fun.

Fuck Stal Wals Unleased.

That’s definitely not gameplay. It’s a pre-visualization video the team did for George Lucas last year to get him to sign off on the idea of the game, which he did.

We haven’t announced any platforms, though we have said it’s coming for “next-generation consoles.”

Well, George may have been impressed by it. I don’t blame him.

My wife - Star Wars geek that she is - just squeled and stopped playing WoW long enough to drool over it and muttered about getting a PS3…


With unleased in the title I was expecting some sort of sim were you had to build amenities in order to achieve a 100% rental rate on the Deathstar.

Hahahahah :P Yay Car Salesmen! Father is one… Or is he my father?

Yeah… Might want to tidy up that topic title a little…

Otherwise, yeah, it was announced for the 360, as OXM had a little thin on it on one of their “Next 10 Games to BUY” List… or some shit like that…

why do they bother? is this just to get us to drool like everyone did over the killzone video, before realising its a big fuck-off con, and the game will look nothing like this?
Im sick of seeing an artists impression of what the game might look like 30 years before its released. I’ve even started ignoring news on Spore and Pirates of the burning sea. Another year to go? fuck em. The only game I’m excited about is Lego Star Wars, coz its 2 weeks away and I’ve played the demo. thats the way to do it.

Yikes, why the hate? We didn’t create it for the public, it was an internal video. The team decided it would be fun to show it at Comicon to the fans and release it on Hyperspace (the for-pay Star Wars site). Someone on Hyperspace uploaded it to youtube and off it went.

We’re not making, nor have ever made, any suggestion as to the graphical comparison to what the game will be like. It’s a pre-visualization of the gameplay we’re shooting for, nothing more.

Let me say, the pre-realization is everything force powers should be. They really appear done right in the that tech demo, more right than anything we’ve ever seen in the movies. imho. And I’m a huge star wars geek. :)

more right than anything we’ve ever seen in the movies

Yoda lifting the X-wing in Empire felt oh so right to me.

But yeah, it looks cool, and seems to build on the sense of force-power omnipotence that made Jedi Outcast such a great game.

This I can agree with, but most every other force usage in the movies was done to make things last, not to use the force to the potential they talk about (i.e. - every battle with a jedi vs. a group of units has them light sabering it instead of just using the force to knock them all down, etc.). While that looks pretty damn cool for a good action sequence, it’s not very realistic if the jedi/sith have such powerful forces at their beck and call.

But yeah, it looks cool, and seems to build on the sense of force-power omnipotence that made Jedi Outcast such a great game.

I just like the idea of Bad ass Jedis + Storm Troopers / significant non-jedi foe. So far you either have old Men fighting with heavy sticks or Jedi masters attacking wind up toys. The closest we got to something like that was the Clone Wars animated movie. Still set in the wind up toy universe but at least the fights were interesting.

I am kind of burned out on Star Wars games (I’m getting Lego Star Wars II but the last 5 or so haven’t been much fun for myself) but this video at least peaked my interest.

You’re feeling burned at SW but you’re getting Lego Star Wars II?

yes thats true, and I’m overreacting on that point. I’m directing my venom and hatred more for the killzone ‘episode’ than for this video.
But surely if its pre-viz, it should be showing whats doable in the final game?

It s a personal whine of mine when games are promoted using cutscenes, and cover art, and everything except actual game footage. Granted this hasn’t happened with this particular game, but why go to such a high level of graphical detail to explain the concept of how force powers would be used? Surely some stick men could have got that concept accross?

If I were George Lucas I’d have been all like “Why do you have a green saber Jedi using dark force powers in this video? DENIED!!!”

Well Lego Star Wars atleast feels freash instead of “Its an RTS set in star warz!!! Its an FPS set in star warz!!!” rut the games have been in.