Star Wars: Visions (Japanese Anime in the Star Wars Universe)

This is the new Star Wars series where they asked a bunch of Japanese studios to create their own vision of Star Wars. Nine Episodes releasing starting September 22nd.

We talked about it in one of the other threads, but I figured it would need it’s own thread sooner or later. With the trailers coming out this seemed as good a time as any.

Japanese and English Trailers out.

Nice. I watched the Japanese trailer. That looks great. Especially loved that scene on the frozen lake.

Akira reference there, too. Because of course. ;)

Definitely see some Trigger in there, and IG.

Should be cool

Yep the studios involved look great and I love how extreme they’ve gone stylistically.

Will definitely watch.

It does seem a fair bit of leeway with style and thematic choices was given.

This looks sweet.

Seems I’m the only one who wants nothing to do with this and will never watch it. I don’t see what others do in anime. I just don’t get it.

IMHO, it allows a freedom of expression and story-telling not so easily attained in live-action and it’s far less expensive than the high-end computer animation in big-budget films. This allows more niche interests, unique tales and bold presentations to survive in the marketplace, almost like the indie game scene if I can make a poor analogy. There’s plenty of absolute trash anime, but I keep an eye on titles for the chance of either finding something totally different or finding something that hits all the right buttons for my interests as it’s more likely to happen in anime than elsewhere.

Here, these are stories which probably would never have seen the light of day if not for the medium. They may also suck, but there’s a good chance of finding some gems among them.

Jeez QT3 is sleeping, this is up now. Only watched The Duel, but it was good.

I saw a positive review yesterday on Polygon (I think), which said that they put out the whole season at once. But I went home last night and looked on the main page, looked under Star Wars, and it wasn’t there either.

Polygon (I think) lied to me. This wasn’t out yet!

It’s showing for me. I’m very excited about it and am planning to watch 1-2 per day with my kids.

I’ve blitzed through the whole series; some stories are stronger than others, the varying artwork styles help keep it fresh for the weaker ones. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time.

I have watched the first three episodes and the first is my favorite. The third was my least favorite but I do think it captures a true anime type of telling (anime tropes) of a Star Wars movie.

I do have a question concerning the first episode:

Was he a Sith or not and does he give the young chief the crystal to draw him to the dark side?

He seems to be former Sith as much as one can be. Very much in line with the wandering Samurai making amends.

I think Duel is the best of the ones I’ve watched though The 9nth Jedi is also very good and that one seems very much like the setup for a series.

Just watched the first one (The Duel). I thought that was pretty great, actually. We all know Star Wars was partially drawn from old samurai movies (like Hidden Fortress), and this really took it back to those roots. Really well done.

I finished all of them. I loved the first one. Meh for most of the others. The only other one I really liked was the riff on Astro Boy, just because it was so charming and goofy.

The Astro Boy one was good. I liked Production IG’s short, the 9th Jedi. I also really like Lop and Ocho. Fun stuff! I hope they do some more of these.

My goodness, the second and third ones are awful. First one was cool, though, agreed.

Saw the first episode. I quite liked it as an Anime version of Star Wars – it seemed to capture the “feel” of both the genre and the setting.

“Darth Poppins” was a little silly, but it was thematic and mercifully short since they switched the umbrella out for a sword in short order.

I was a little confused (at first) as to the relationship between The Man With No Name and the people who first helped the village. It seemed like they must have been with him and he was their backup, but when they started to get slaughtered (and he did nothing) I realized that they were unrelated.

And as such, those mercenaries were the REAL heroes of the story, right? They must have known that they were going up against a full-powered Sith and yet they agreed to help the villagers anyway on what they must have known would be a suicide mission. Badass.