Star Wolves 2...?

So awhile back you guys turned me onto Star Wolves the original. I loved it. I played it all the way through after finally finding someone to sell me a copy here in the US.

Then I find out recently that they made a Star Wolves 2 (they being XBow Software) and there is a demo. I’m excited, of course. I go to fileplanet, download it, play it.

It’s slow. The engine shows I’m running at 72fps, but it’s definitely not. The mouse isn’t smooth at all and I can’t figure out a way to skip around in conversations (i.e. - I’m done reading this thing, skip to the next without skipping the whole thing). So now I’m perplexed.

I was thinking I’d just buy Star Wolves 2, if I figured out somewhere that sold it here in the US, but now I’m not so sure.

Anyone else played the demo? Get similar problems? Was it just the demo that had these problems?

Has anyone played the full Star Wolves 2? Is it as good/better than the first?

Hold right there!

Yes Star wolves was a good game… BUT SW 2 is totally buggy and last information is that the program team will not make a real patch…

Really? That’s horrible news… I was so excited too. Doesn’t help that I can’t read Russian (I think it is) so their site is hard to read even with google on my side.

Damn, that really is pretty depressing. Well, thanks for the update.

I was eye balling Star Wolves when it came out. I played Nexus and Space Rangers 2 instead.

Star Wolves was a great game. Very fun space combat mixed with RPG and building (customizable ships). Had a great time with it. Heck, I might have to play it again since 2 sounds like it might be poo. :(

In that case I might have to go back and play it. So many games, so little time.

Just got the GoGamer 48 hr madness email; they appear to be selling an English version of this on DVD.

It’s Starforced, guys.

Well that’s a buzz kill.