Starbound - If Terraria was a whole galaxy

Just picked this up. It reminds me of a much better Dig or Die. I guess I can add this to my ‘not all side scrollers suck’ list.

Just started a game and my spawn point is next to a camp. There are two tents that I can use to regenerate health. A campfire, chairs and crates full of stuff. Guy comes by and explains that if I’m looking for cores I should go to the abandoned mine nearby.. It’s inhabited by various creatures but full of treasure. Cool.

Just started playing this again after 2 years, it is really great fun, great evolution of Terraria.

The unstable version of 1.3 is out - space stations, customizable mechs, the works.

1.3 stable is out!

My kid and I started playing this and I’m over the moon. Starbound is exactly what I was looking for in multiplayer adventure/RPG with story, quest, and exploration elements. I’m still trying to figure out how to repair my dang ship but I have hope that any day now I can hit the skies. Who else is still playing, and why aren’t we Steam friends?

It’s a great game, I finished the storyline. It gets a bit repetitive towards the end but is fun getting there. You could just settle down on a planet and build a huge base instead though.

I did a couple of the bounties and they’re fun. You have to track the bounty down, usually across systems (stock up on fuel!), and scan for fingerprints and search for clues and such. You earn rank with the Peacekeepers when you complete a bounty and also some sort of “credits” that I suppose can be traded in for specific Peacekeeper items…but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

It’s amazing how much content this game has already and it’s nice to see Chucklefish devoting time and energy to it still. Outstanding value for $15 particularly when compared to a $60 game like Rage 2 which I played all of 3 hours and haven’t really felt the urge to go back.

Is anyone interested in going with me on a 4 pack. That would be 6.75 person (it’s 26.99 for a 4 pack).

I’ve already got a copy, buy would be interested in getting another for my son.

My daughters have absolutely fallen in love with Starbound. They’ve spent a ton of time playing together cooperatively and it’s excellent to see them coordinating around resources, equipment, battles, etc.

However, all good things must come to an end, so I’m trying to get ahead of the end of this. The only other relevant points here are that one of them dislikes Terraria and we don’t want them playing anything that’s graphically violent (beyond, say, the level of Starbound).

They love the exploration and collecting, boss battles, etc. They’re playing Starbound in Casual mode, so there aren’t a lot of consequences to dying.

Any suggestions for what PC game I could get them next that would allow them to collaborate in a similar way?

Wow, it Terraria isn’t an option, I don’t really know what to recommend.

Stardew Valley? My kids love that and are similar age. It’s not all the same stuff but does scratch a similar itch.

Hmmmm, good call! For coop it might be even better.

Personally I had the most fun single player but I dropped and the kids kept playing co-op and had a lot of fun.

Stardew Valley, Craft the World, DragonQuest Builders 2?

Hey @Clay, I just had a GREAT time with Raft, a 3D crafting / survival game where you’re floating on a 2x2 raft, and fish materials out of the drink to build and add things to it. Very lovely and chill and is huge in coop.

There’s a shark in the water that will chomp you, and that can be frustrating, and you can shoot at it with arrows or poke it with a spear. Check out a vid or two if you’re interested but want to know more.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I’m going to let them check out the videos, etc. for these. I love Stardew Valley but I’m not sure it will have enough adventure for my older daughter.

Temtem maybe?