Not sure if this movie has been mentioned here, but watched this tonight via dvd from netflix and absolutely loved it. Not to try and ruin the story, but I really disliked the main character initially and through the course of the movie learned to really like him. Such an enjoyable movie.

Hm, I saw this on a plane back to Canada about two years ago… I try and catch up on my french language cinema whenever I can. It was ok? Something about it left me very lukewarm. I think I was taken by the fun idea, but I think got dragged a bit long with the character development, it got tiring, if I remember correctly. Also, maybe I had had too much wine.

If, like me, you read the previous posts and asked yourself: “Is this movie about coffee, whales, battlestars, or some spectacular mix of all three?” I present the following from the movie’s IMDB Page:

As his lover announces her pregnancy, a fortysomething slacker receives other life-changing news: 142 people, all of them the result of artificial insemination, have filed a class action lawsuit against him, their biological father.

The trailer wasn’t appealing. Nothing stands out as really awful, even when he’s stalking his sperm-donor kids, but it looks shallow and not particularly funny.