Starcfaft: Ghost practically cancelled

I’m really surprised. This thing has been in production forever and gone through more than a couple of developers. Gee, glad I started that fan site for it like 4 years ago.

I’m not up on the whole console game development formula, nor Ghost specifically, but is it a matter of an idea that won’t float or a technology leap because they took too long to build it?

That’s crazy… delay, delay, delay, cancel. That has to be a big confidence booster for the dev team(s).

It wasn’t the same dev team throughout.

The alternative would be to keep in development indefinitely, changing engine with each new itineration, and never actually becoming a retail product.

I say indefinitely, as in forever.

You should capitalize proper nouns. ;)

If you want to be more optimistic you could consider it like Perfect Dark Zero.

WoW killed Blizzard.

Right. hence the “team(s)”…
Anyway… considering the success of WoW and how much manpower and financial resources it must eat up, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does put a halt to all but the most profitable of their non-WoW projects (Diablo III should be successful enough to warrant development)

I know I just can’t see why the second dev team would feel bad about it since it wasn’t their fault the game hadn’t risen up to Blizzard standards. It was the original dev team’s fault.

The 2nd dev team was game ape right? I can’t remember who were the first guys though. I always thought a starcraft for the consoles only was a bad idea, since pretty much all the fans of starcraft are on the pc. Much less a starcraft stealth based game.

I did like the sound of the mulitplayer, letting you play as the different sides.

I have to ask, was there a time when Ghost seemed interesting beyond coming from Blizzard? The few things I read never blew me away.

Swinging Ape (who are now wholly owned by Blizzard) were pretty high on the game in a recent Edge article about it. I’m surprised they’d just up and cancel it.

I think it has more to do with the upcoming consoles than anything else. Seems like everyone’s going to rush to abandon PS2/Xbox/Gamecube as fast as possible. Welcome to 2000/2001 all over again.

Ditto. Hell I didnt like starcraft much, so I was really wondering wtf al lthe hubbub about this thing was.

Metal gear w/ starcraft models! wowie!

How about diablo 3, guys? sheesh.

Blizzard has never been a company to take risks. They’re probably gonna wait and see which, Xbox 360 or the PS3, takes the lead in the next generation and then develop for that. Maybe at that time they’ll resurrect Ghost, or they’ll start a new project. Either way I’m not really surprised by this, though I thought they’d port what they have to the 360, though maybe they still don’t have enough for that.

I dunno, it might be dead.

I think Ghost and WoW were hedge bets. They had reached a point, after War3, where their market was no longer growing. They could just keep trucking along like all the other developers; but it’s clear they didn’t want that. Blizzard was growing yearly and needed their markets to grow with them.

So the “console” market, which is basically bigger then computer games, seemed like a good bet. And an MMORPG, if it turned out ok, could make a little money.

Well, yea… maybe a bit more then a little money.

But i agree with the basic fear that WoW will kill Blizzard. Right now i don’t know if there is any game they can make that is as profitable as WoW. It’s like, any money they aren’t spending on WoW will bring them less of a return on their investment then if they had.

Plus, Ghost wasn’t really anything that Blizzard had done. It was an emergency shift out of the computer game market. Now that they have more capital then almost any other developer, Ghost is not only redundant but, if it’s a mediocre game, possibly a money pit. Now they can afford to pull the plug, if it comes down to that.

they are now developing it for the phantom… as a launch title. youll see.

But really, I didnt think that game had much of a future anyway, none of the gameplay videos seemed impressive or exciting. Yes i was planning to buy it, but just because its blizzard/starcraft. you can write “Starcraft” on some fecal matter and ill buy it.
This whole thing just seemed like a cash grab to me, like someone said “this is whats hot right now so lets put it in the game”… First we get the most disapointing hype-generating countdown timer in the history of the universe announcing ANOTHER stealth game, then we get a female character with big boobs and a tight suit, and then they throw in haloish multiplayer at the end too. Everything about this game just seemed lame.

The earlier work that the first team did wasn’t all that impressive, but Swinging Ape’s staff were definitely putting it together into something a lot more exciting. These are the guys that did the impressive Metal Arms, one of the best shooters on Xbox/GC/PS2 not named Halo. In fact, I like to call it “Halo for kids” since the multiplayer was really that good and the single-player was standout as well, but it’s ultimately more kid friendly with all the robots.

I’m pretty sure this is just their way of saying they’re moving everything they do to 360/PS3/Revolution since every publisher and their brother are hurrying to get away from the “old” consoles.

Since when isn’t a company “pretty high” on its own game?

Does everyone forget that Blizzard similarly canned WarCraft Adventures? If the game really wasn’t that great–and it never really seemed like a good idea–it’d be smarter of Blizzard to put that team to work on something else. Only they should have done it two years ago.

What steve said. I have more respect for a company that cancels a project than a company that pushes it to an untimely end to recoup losses.

Yeah, it must suck to have so much work go down the drain, and I don’t know what this does to Swining Ape, but if there’s one company whose creative and business sense I can blindly trust, it’s probably Blizzard.