Starcfaft: Ghost practically cancelled

It would be nice to see another Starcraft game but WoW pretty much has the entire resources of Blizzard tied up. Heck it would be nice to see a Diablo III.

Oh lots of times. Many companies used to believe in quantity over quality, and produced games to match. Only AAA titles got any love internally. The rest were pushed out the door.

— Alan

Is this really true though? That Blizzard doesn’t have the manpower to efficiently work on 2 or even 3 separate projects at once? They don’t have enough devs to work on updating WoW, as well as develop Diablo III for instance?

Blizzard was also going to publish Pax Imperia II, and ended up selling off the rights. (The “polite” reason was that it could compete with Starcraft.) So the company isn’t one to hesitate to cancel products it doesn’t feel are up to snuff.

If so, what a way to go!

Has Blizzard ever published a game developed by an outside studio, for as long as they’ve been Blizzard? I mean, besides the whole Condor/BlizzardNorth developing Diablo. If I remember right, Warcraft Adventures was also developed outside of the company.

The first team was Nihilistic, who went on to do Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. I don’t think they were that sad to see Ghost go.

Blizzard just found out that 5 year development cycles do not work on consoles.

“The industry pumps out too many sequels.”

“Blizzard should work on StarCraft 2 and/or Diablo 3.”

Am I the only person that wishes Blizzard would do something totally new instead of just pumping out new versions of past hits?

Also, I think Blizzard has now canceled as many games as its released in the last 10 years or so.

The new versions of past hits format is working for Firaxis. But otherwise, yeah.

The thing is, people can’t go on message boards and say that a developer’s next game should be something new and unfamiliar. You can’t have a discussion about Blizzard making Rat Poison Tycoon.


That’s why I was happy to see them making Ghost, especially once they got Swinging Ape involved.

No, but Blizzard has produced a number of truly excellent sequels. And they create interesting worlds that are worth revisiting. So, for me at least, Starcraft 2 please.

Ghost I wasn’t looking forward to it, so whatever. Seeing it get shelved is not really surprising.

I thought Ghost is something like Splinter Cell in a Starcraft universe, but with you looking at a polygon woman ass instead. On paper it sounds nice, basically improving a winning Splinter Cell formula, which is what Blizzard does best. But I think they added a LOT more action in the game and makes it looks like a generic shooter.

Or any platform, for that matter. Diablo 2 was late as hell an ran at 640x480!

WoW is artistically impressive, but it’s engine is very old, too. I always thought that Blizz shipped WoW when they did because they knew WoW was only going to get uglier and uglier, compared to the competition, as time wore on.

This sucks for Ghost, though, I was looking forward to it. Someone screwed up at Blizz. Yes, developing a game is hard, but 5 years only to come out with nothing? It’s like DNF, only not quite as extreme. How many millions has bad project management wasted? Or billions, I guess, if you expand the scope.

Last I heard it had turned into something akin to The Outfit. Run around in third person, sneak some, but you can also call in airstrikes, tanks, etc. That idea fits in a lot better with a game based on an RTS franchise.

I do wish that they would produce something within the Starcraft universe, but I’d much rather see a new IP than another Diablo or Warcraft title.

But even if they stick with their powerhouse franchises, an exploration of other genres would be welcome. In the world of dreams, I’d love to see Blizzard’s take on turn-based strategy. Heroes of Zerg and Protoss, anyone?

I don’t get moaning for Blizzard to innovate more, because that’s just never been their strong suit–what they do is put out very polished versions of existing formula. But what that quote describes would have been nice–Mercenaries done with Blizzard-level polish, calling in airstrikes on Zerg instead of North Koreans etc., wouldn’t have been innovative, but I bet it could have been a blast.

Blizzard never had much to do with the development of the game, though. It was farmed out to another studio, Blizzard looked at it, didn’t like it, and farmed it out to another studio.

I’d love to see what EA’s numbers on Black and The Godfather look like for the last-gen systems. Bet they stink. The interest and soon the money is going next-gen, as it always does. I’m not buying a damn thing for GC/PS2/Xbox for more than $20 from here on out. Chibi-Robo was the end.

They only made one starcraft, 3 warcrafts and 2 diablos. The time between them was extensive. Its not like they are making a madden game every year, or things like HOMM 5 or Civ 5 (yea, alpha centaur counts as a civ game).

I think they have done the warcraft thing enough though. Infact I am getting really tired of fantasy ANYTHING now. I do not want to see another fantasy MMOG for a very long time. I do not want to see another fantasy RTS for a long time (ROL has both fantasy and tech, so its safe), I do not want to see a fantasy RPG, espeically if it involves an ancient, long forgotten evil.

You know what I really sick of in fantasy? The storylines. They are pure crap. Blizzards stories are barley better then any 1st year creative writting major can churn out. They are the cream of the crap. It pains me to read the incredibly feeble premises for fantasy games these days. Its like they do not even try anymore.

I am just waiting for blizzard to choke out the reasons the blood elves went with the horde, even though if you read thier lore, there is no way in hell that would ever happen. I am sure the justification for it will be some master-work of fantasy litature. It will truely be priceless.