Starcraft: Ghost becoming an Xbox exclusive?

Ugh. I don’t have time for this kind of shit. It was promised for 3 platforms. Can we just keep it that way, please? I don’t have an Xbox, and I’m not going to buy one. I barely have time to play 2 consoles and a PC as it is right now. So I guess I might end up skipping on this game, even though Starcraft is one of my favorite gaming universes and Blizzard consistenly releases fun games. Or maybe I could rent an Xbox and this game just long enough to play through it. Yeah yeah, that’s what I’ll do if this exclusivity thing happens.

Well, everyone has to get a PS2 to play GTA games first so it all equals out.

I’m not so sure about Ghost at all. Nihilistic dropped the ball with Vampire: The Masquerade, and I’m not confident that this will be representative of what we have come to expect from a Blizzard Title (You know, since for all intents and purposes they seem barely involved in the game.)

I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy a console, but I doubt this will be the title that forces the issue.

Well, they’ve killed off stuff for that very reason before; Blizzard definitely seems to understand that their name is gold, and if they start releasing substandard crap, it won’t be. There’s a reason Blizzard titles move bajillions of units in the first days of release. And keep selling for months after.

At this point, they’ve gotta have such craploads of money just sitting around that they could deep-six a $10mil project and not even blink.

Blizzard is part of Vivendi-Universal Games. There’s no telling how much money they have at their disposal. The money from their games doesn’t go directly into the pockets of those working there. They’re not an independent developer like id for example. They’re just another cog in a big corporate machine.


They may not get all the profits from their games back, but they seem to be left pretty much alone as to their games development. Vivendi seems smart enough to just let Blizzard do their thing and take whatever time they need. They seem to have as much freedom as any independent developer.

Microsoft must be send a caravan of trucks lo Blizzard, all loaded with cash, if they’re going to keep Ghost as an Xbox exclusive. There’s just no other reason to ignore the PS2 market.

Does anyone else smell that? I sure smell something. You wanna know what I smell? Bullshit. That’s what I smell. Pure, unadulterated, shit. From a large, multi-stomached animal.

Blizzard is dropping a bomb with this one if they make it Xbox only. Hell, they dropped the bomb to begin with. Too bad there’s too many fanboys to admit it.

[size=2]If the game rules, however, I never said any of this.[/size]

I can’t believe we’re discussing this based on a rumor reported by PS2.IGN.

Then again, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the game running on a PS2 or 'Cube to begin with. At E3, I think all they were showing was the Xbox version.

I suspect that, if this is indeed true, that it has been true for a very long time now. They’re just arguing over the financials.

Well, excepting those of us who play the superior PC versions. An option not available for Ghost. Did I mention how bothered I am that this might be Xbox exclusive?

I remember reading a preview for the GC version at IGN several days after it was first announced. They said it looked almost as good as the Xbox version. I’m not going to take the time to look for it now, but I guess it’s still there.

I hope you’re right, and it’s just a rumor.