Starcraft: Ghost cancelled on the Gamecube

Well, there goes any remaining interest I had in this game:

I can understand why they’re doing it, though. If the online multiplayer component has become such a big part of the game, it wouldn’t make much sense to release on the Cube. Still, I don’t own an Xbox and from what I’ve seen it just doesn’t look good on the PS2.

Interesting. My only glimpse at this game at a past E3 was on the frickin’ Gamecube, and let me just say that it was not looking good.

That sounds like Ghost is going to be a multiplayer shooter with a brief single-player tutorial. Meh, I’ll pass.

  1. Game doesn’t look that good.

  2. You can’t expect people to support the Gamecube when Nintendo isn’t.

“Supporting” a console isn’t some sort of charitable donation. You port a game to a console if you expect to make a profit. What Nintendo does or doesn’t do is irrelevant here.

And I haven’t heard that the Gamecube was so difficult and expensive to develop for that this alone would be a reason not to do a port. After all, they already had a working version of Ghost for that console.

If you read the article they explicitly state that they don’t make a Gamecube port because of the lack of an Internet connection, and they don’t want to make a port with reduced functionality. I can see only one way how this could be a valid reason for dropping the port, namely if the offline portion of Ghost is so tiny that nobody would buy the game just for the offline part.

From what I last saw at E3 it looked like they were trying to turn it into some kind of Halo multiplayer clone. Zzzzzz.

The best thing this game has going for it is Swinging Ape, the guys that took it over after the orignal developers left. They’re the studio that did the excellent Metal Arms: Glitch In The System.

It could be a very good Halo clone at least.


I liked it when Ghost was going to be a stealth game with cool abilities. Is it still that, or is it now going to be a shooter?

I think it’s evolving more toward shooter and away from stealth.


Yeah, if they had just given us “Splinter Cell in the Starcraft universe” like it seemed to be originally, I suspect I would have been quite happy with it. I generally don’t like twitchy shooters on a console.