Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


I think you need an orchard to be able to finish the community center goals. That’s the main reason I’m growing one.


The cave (depending on your choice) and the Traveling Cart can provide all of the necessary fruits. Although it’s a press your luck situation (I went a year without seeing more than a single apple from the Fruit Bats).


Had an interesting bug earlier. I started up the game and went outside to do my morning chores, which includes collecting bait from the worm tub, grabbing loots from the crab pots I have in the smaller pond and putting any trash from those into the recycler… only my recycler had vanished. I doubled checked my inventory to make sure I hadn’t accidentally whacked it with something and picked it up, but no. I checked to see if there was a patch that perhaps removed the device (though I’m not sure why) but no, and I could still craft a new one, which I did.

Then I went to the Steam Forums to find out that I was not alone.

Apparently loads of people are seeing things just disappear from their farm, including chests that are full of items! I was thankful at that point that all I lost was a recycler that’s easy to replace. There was some speculation that these items suffer durability damage over time like fences do, but that does not appear to be the case either (or if it is, it’s unintentional).

The dev posted in that thread that things outside can be destroyed by encroaching weeds and such, but I’m sure that’s not what happened to me, since there was no debris in the space where my recycler was, nor even anywhere nearby, and he did comment that regardless, it shouldn’t ever happen to chests.

He’s looking into it and hopefully will find a bug, but be aware that there’s a possibility that things (important ones!) could just vanish from your farm. :/


Yeah, bug was fixed as far as I heard.


I have been getting clay from the worms tiles still.

I have decided to not give Elliot the flowers, after a wise man said to me, ‘Warrior, who are the flowers for?’ and i answered sheepishly ‘For a GIRL!’. I feel a bit ashamed as i might have spooked the hell out of him after loitering around his shack for a few days with the flowers, i even tried to break in his door a few times. I suspect he was there all along, probably thinking, ‘What the fuck does that guy want with me! I just said hi on the bridge and now his is banging on my door with flowers!’

Sorry Elliot, your golden locks (and very girly looks in the ‘persons menu’, for birthdays etc) gave me the wrong idea, and for that, and any trauma i might have caused i am truly sorry. Hopefully there will be a good poem in it for you?


All the eligibles are eligible for everyone. You’ve probably broken poor Elliot’s heart. You were given him all these nice flowers to enjoy by the beach and then just… stopped.


No, he never even showed up to accept any, at all. It was just one meeting on the bridge that first encounter, and when i had no flowers to give and where his hair and smile and nice manners got me thinking ‘What a charming older women’! We never met after that, i really hope he was not in while i was stalking him!

So who is a nice mature women (got no time for ‘facebook’ generation types) that might like nature and the farm etc? The few other lady’s i’ve met have all seemed very young.


How can you choose anyone over Penny? Her poor trailer trash background and moping in the trees alone… Haley is annoying and Abigail is basically 15 years old. Is it just me or is it super creepy that a marriage prospect is living at home playing video games upstairs?

If you want a mature prospect go date the doctor. He’s like the most mature prospect in the game. Remember though it’s not really you getting married ;)


As a female playing a female character, I’m considering woo-ing Maru anyway, because frankly none of the male options are that appealing to me, and Maru is pretty awesome. If Linus was a choice, I’d probably go with him because I feel sorry for the guy and would be happy to have him as a roommate.


Does Maru act as young as Abigail? She seemed like the best female option honestly but looked pretty young as well. Nor does she eat rocks.

OTOH Haley likes Sunflowers. SUNFLOWERS. Maru is a bit pickier.


Honestly, most of the options look pretty young to me, apart from Dr. Harvey. I am surprised that Sam is apparently a romance option, and to a lesser degree, Alex. Maru feels a bit older to me, but maybe that’s because she doesn’t seem like the shallow girly-girl type to me, hehe.

And Maru gets pretty ecstatic over battery packs. Which yes, sell for a lot of money, but at least are easily farmable with enough lightning rods. ;)


He’s allergic to everything. It’s so annoying. I am pretty sure I’d have to scrub the house down and he could never help in the field because of pollen or something. I really thought Shane could be the one… but apparently he’s not an option. WTH. All those peppers…


You’re all fighting over lesser options when you should be pursuing Leah. She sculpts weird wood sculptures to represent her feeling for you and punches dudes in the face. Oh, and mayonnaise and stir-fry are the way to her heart. How can you consider anyone else?


Um… Because Penny likes poppies and dandelions of all things, and her expectations are REALLY low…


Thank you! Someone sees the light that is Leah.


Hey, you can set off bombs in your own farm.

Yes, it blows up your shit.



So I finally built a slime hutch, because I had the spare cash… and now I can’t figure out why I even need such a thing. As near as I can tell, the only thing is produces is bits of slime… which I can get by the metric ton during regular mining trips anyway. And it’s not even like there’s a load of stuff that uses it.

Or is there? Is there some kind of amazing craftable that uses loads of slime that I just haven’t unlocked yet?


Haha… umm… how… why?


Leah likes mayonnaise? I just started making mayo and jelly. I’m so obsessed with this game. I’ve been streaming my play.

Like, I really love this game.


Wait, do you like this game, or do you [I]like[/I] like this game? Check one.

[] Like
[] Like, [I]like[/I] like