Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


[] Like
[X] Like, like like


Attached to the jar of mayo, a note

Will you go to the flower dance with me?
[] Yes
[] No
[] Maybe


My first Flower dance was pretty rough on me.


I know! I thought 3 hearts meant something!


Shit man, my second flower dance was rough and I’ve been spreading my mayo all over town for [I]months![/I]


I gave Leah a jar of mayo on a whim, that night = ‘You want a baby’, so yeah. It’s not just my natural charisma, it’s the mayo.


Well, I got eggs up and running.

I really need to get my mayo workin’


All you people giving out mayo… does anyone in town actually get a heart over their head when you give them mayo? Because it’s my life’s goal to give everyone a gift they LOVE, not just one they LIKE. (Although mayo is pretty damn cheap - but I’ve discovered that Robyn LOVES goat cheese.) So far I’ve managed to discover just under half (some by trial and error, others by getting clues from other townsfolk).

Also, am I the only one who giggles when I give Pam her favorite thing, a mug of Pale Ale, and then ask her to drive me to the desert? How did the town drunk get the bus driver job anyway?


It takes longer to get a heart when giving likes and not loves, but it can be done.


The townsfolk seem more tolerant of my mayo than anything, but I have so very [I]much [/I]of it.


When I got home from the flower dance I cried myself to sleep.

Lightning rods?, batteries? etc how many seasons in is everyone. I am just starting my 1st fall


I’m in Spring 2.

I’m also trying to heart up everybody, not just the potential prospects, because they all (seem to) have their own storylines. But unlike Mayo I’m the Dionysus of Stardew Valley, because gods of Olympus am I swimming in wild blackberries. I still have over 80 from last fall. So I made three wine vats and a jelly barrel, and I crank out 3 bottles and a jam every two or so days and then give them out liberally. The adults all seem to like win, though few (if any?) love it. I think Penny’s up to 7 hearts now and Leah’s around 5.

I thought you could cook without a recipe, but that’s no longer the case? I’d like to cook my way into their hearts but I only know about 15 or so dishes. Where do you find recipes other than on TV?

I do like fishing. I mean, I like how each fish has it’s own fishing behavior. You can tell when you are pulling up a crap carp, or smallmouth vs largemouth bass, ect, which I really like, instead of just being a “fish lottery” where you get a random fish reward for fishing correctly.


I don’t remember ever being able to cook without a recipe. Besides the TV, you sometimes get them in the mail from villagers–I assume it has to do with your heart level with them. At them moment, I’m only missing something like four or five recipes, I think.

I’m currently in Spring of year 5. (Why yes, I do play this way too much.)


I have one character in early Year 5 (or possibly late year 4, I forget) and another about to enter Fall 2. Many important crafting recipes are gated behind skill advancement, rods included. You’ll find it eventually.


Giving them one of their favorite things on their birthday can make a huge difference. Also, I cut back on quests but I do any of the quests I can that can improve someone’s opinion of them. It’s made a big difference.


Show off your farmstead! 02 - Spring - 12


That’s some serious looking farm-steading.


Wow, that’s a nice looking farm. Mine is… not nearly as pretty.


um um, you farmed like a pro Enidigm :)

I’m stuck not playing the game currently. I want to mod it, to make days last longer (14 ticks in place of the current 7 (Harvestmoon used 10)), and while i have managed this on my missus laptop, my old XP based gaming machine will not run any of the mod tools, so i’m stuck hoping ConcernedApe (the dev) adds an ini file at some point so we can tweak some stuff without the need of the third party mod tools. I am enjoying watching my other half do her Stardew Valley thing though, such a nice game.


Those are amazing screenshots Enidigm. Excellent job!