Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


Great screen shots even though seeing metal fences makes my eye twitch (I hate the fences breaking down mechanic; it makes me not want to build anything beyond stone fences, or not build fences at all, even though aesthetically both iron and hardwood look interesting). I may look into a fence mod.

Part of the fencing for my barn may or may not just be lightning rods.


Agree with this. The only part of my farm that’s fenced is the an area around the barnyard, just to keep animals from wandering off. I have yet to see any real need for fences other than for aesthetic reasons, and while they do look nice, having to replace them all the time is kind of annoying. I pretty much only use stone fences in my barnyard, and have to replace them probably every other season, and I tear it down completely in the winter since the animals don’t go outside anyway.


I have standard sprinklers that are laid out in funky way for optimal watering. If I upgrade, I can switch to a nice grid, but apparently sprinklers can’t be traded in?

Those are some nice farms, guys. I just stumbled across a neat farm planning tool:


There’s no upgrade mechanic for sprinklers, no. They’re just like any other crafted item in this respect (e.g. you can’t upgrade from wood to iron fence, or perhaps a better example would be wood fence to hardwood fence).

I find a use for my old sprinklers. I just put them in long rows for trellised plant growing. This is weird due to the really not good hitboxes, but if you walk horizontally along a trellised row below you and hold A you can move and harvest the trellised crop. I could not get this to work when the row was above my character. So I plant hops or beans or whatever above a long horizontal row of older sprinklers, and them some alternate crop on the row beneath them. Works like a charm. By the time in game one I was able to make use of multiple Irridium sprinklers (I think it was like 5-6 at this point), I found I could afford to use the tier 2s I didn’t want to fully farm with like this no problem. I ran with however many irridiums, like 6-8 tier 2s, and then the other tier 2’s I didn’t need anymore (having been where the irridium patches were) went into two long rows as I described above (two rows of 10).


I have so many other things I want to use my Iridium for. Regular sprinklers work just fine for my needs.

I suppose eventually I may enough Iridium to just say fuckit, but that’s a ways off.


I gave Penny the bouquet. I actually started to like Abigail more than before for her silvan seelie ways but Penny is just marriage material; all she wants is a family and a garden. I do like Leah and Maru though! I don’t think any of the guys are attractive; their either like 15 years old or old agoraphobes. Or are lazy Fabio. #spritelife


Yeah, I want to rescue Penny from that trailer too.

It will be her or Leah. Abigail is weird.


But Sebastian has motorcyle and dreams. Elliot isn’t lazy, he’s a visionary. Harvey is a super-nerd, sort of, at least that’s all I think about when I see him and his dreams of flying. It does seem most the bachelors are on the less mature side. Maybe Concern Ape focused more on the ladies for… somewhat obvious reasons.


It’s their hair, that anime 15 year old hair, i just… i can’t … no.

And Elliot is a pretentious @#$%! “A sunbeam woke me up at noon today.” Get a job hippie! I figured Elliot and Leah were meant for each other.


Hehe. I was aiming for Elliot, the dreaming artist, but now Alex is looking better. His personal story is showing more promise.


Regarding recent discussion - please, please, please tell me “spreading my mayo all over town” is NOT a euphemism…

And damn you all for breaking my backlog-reinforced will.


If I said duck mayo and cheese has pretty much the same results would you feel better ? :-)


Leah danced with me at my second year Flower Festival SO TAKE THAT AMERICA USA USA USA


My wife was watching me play, and asked what I was doing. I responded “putting eggs in my mayonnaise machine.” I think she is still giggling about it.


A DJ on my favorite college radio station, KFJC, is currently using the Star Dew Valley theme song as a backdrop to his in-between song breaks. :)


Finished my 2nd year and got my “score”. I did really well considering all the things I did not complete before the visit, like not married, no kids, haven’t finished the second combat area or maxed all my skills.


Got to Fall in year 2 and decided to restart, because I am a crazy person.

Actually, it’s been super fun. Less exploration and more optimization, but I really like optimization puzzles, so no worries there.

Just hit I think 8 Spring in year 2 in my restarted game (Farmer Skibbldybonk of the Jarglybarg farm). I’m doing so much better it’s kinda silly. Hooked up with Penny but not married yet, lots of friends in town with a couple 10-heart homies (Clint and George, apparently I’m a curmudgeon/weirdo magnet), iridium pickaxe and a goddamned tiara.

Mastered all festivals but the Flower Dance first year, not that they’re terribly hard. There’s a dead-simple trick for collecting the stupid coins or whatever for the carnival that was a godsend - you have to spend an obnoxious amount of time fishing otherwise.

Ended up making an absolute assload of money in the winter by farming Winter Seeds. Hit Forager 10 right around my first seed harvest, and reinvested in seeds until I filled up my existing sprinkler coverage (uh, something like 270 or so tiles?). That’s a lot of gold-star foraging.

House, barn, coop all maxed. Struggling to meet hay demands even with a gigantic farmyard - I think I need to just drop another $5k on grass starters at Pierre’s. Spring is always rough, but I kinda overshot the number of animals I could support. They make some damn good money though.

Community Center is down to just needing a Red Cabbage, a Pomegranate, and three Apples. That’ll be done in the fall once my apple tree can bear fruit. Penny and I should be good and (gay) married by then.

Might slow down on gifting and try to blast through Combat 9-10, Mining 10, and Fishing 10 soon here. Fishing 10 would help tracking down the other three legendaries (there are four, right?), which I’d love to knock out this year.

I don’t think I’m going to expand my farming much beyond the 270-ish tiles it’s at right now, not until all my tools are iridium. Quality Sprinklers are cheap and good enough that Iridium Sprinklers seem like a big waste.

Yeah, I like this game.
Greenhouse is awesome, though. Right now I’m just using it to grow out-of-season stuff I need for gifting (strawberries! sunflowers! beets!), but I’ll probably switch it over to full-time cranberries/strawberries soon enough. Having trouble keeping 3x Keg + 8x Barrel running – I’m just too damn good at farming, and it seems like such a waste to throw gold-star stuff in jars.


How do you get ancient seeds? I have found some stuff which says you can get them randomly from the seed machine. I have processed like 250 cranberries and not gotten any. Also some people say to dig in the forest or mountain area. I have done lots of that and still no ancient seeds.


If you’re really good, you can unlock the greenhouse in y ear 1. I got lucky, granted, scoring like 5 needed bundle items from late Summer through Winter (I had it unlocked on 1 Winter 15). I could have done better if I had made a serious effort to be optimal with how I used my time, I’ve no doubt. But I entered year 2 with Irridium Hoe/Watering can/Pickaxe. I used the rest of winter to do strawberries (I had some seeds saved) and then put them in seed makers so I could get a decent crop of strawberries going in spring. It worked out reallyw ell, starting with 30 seeds + quick grow I think I wound up with a crop of over 120 (I tend to average just under 2 seeds per fruit). For Spring 3 I think it will be something like 300+ strawberries, seeded from that initial 30 pack (I have a little maze of seed makers I can run through and do large volume conversion now).

As I also am fond of optimization puzzles it was impossible for me not to do this in a second playthrough. I will return to the game again, although there are some things that kind of hold me back. Skull Cavern is RNG bullshit, basically. Even on best luck days and with a large stack of bombs it hinges on getting enough chutes to get to 40-50+ before you can get meaningful irridium returns. I’ve had plenty of runs with ideal criteria where I don’t get enough and you just run out of time. I don’t think it should be easy to get Irridium but you have to dedicated about 90% of a day to these runs (going past midnight, typically).

Getting the Green House was quite a thrill, though.


It’s a pretty low chance. In game 2 I’ve probably processed over 500 assorted fruit and gotten like 3-4 (when Spring 2 hits I’ll be planting a massive haul of Strawberries that cane from that. The good news is that the first seed you turn in and it gives you the recipe + 1 seed packet. that fruit can be placed into a seed maker and is likely to produce more than 1 seed (course there’s a remote chance you get shafted and don’t get a seed back). Starting with that seed + 1-2 others from assorted digging, I now have a burgeoning ancient seed artisinal empire. I’m only using about half the green house for ancient seeds because I first wnated to get a big stock of starfruit and then whatever the special fall seed is. But I am killing it there. Unfortunately, fertilizer seems to “run out” at the season change even in the green house. That’s fine with non renewing plants as you can just re-fertilize but Ancient Plants have to be removed which sort of defeats the purpose.

There’s a seed maker reward from the Community Center. I recommend making it a priority if possible (I can’t recall how you get the crafting recipe, probably just via leveling the gathering skill). In terms of theorycrafting, I’m not sure it’s practical to try to go full self-sustaining for many crops (it cuts farming profits pretty thin at first, and in the first year especially you really rely on that “plant, sell, rebuy for fraction of profit” cycle to get going (supplimented with fishing if you like it, which actually brings a lot of money in). But if it’s a “replicating” crop like Strawberries, Blueberries, or the king Cranberry, you can very easily get to the point where you provide your own harvest for the following year. If you don’t mind running seed maker mazes a lot :P