Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


Heard some people talking about going back to it instead of playing more Division with us last night.
So i’m thinking of picking it up.

Anyone want to tell me in 140 characters or less why I should get it (or not)? :)


Fun farm management, pretty good progression system, some nice discovery. The relationship aspect is ok. I don’t like the fishing (which feels like the most grindy aspect, followed when you need to go get Irridium, the top tier upgrade material for tools and exotic crafting options), others do.

I never really enjoyed Harvest Moon et al (I tried a couple of different games on hand helds over the years) but I got into this big time, and I wouldn’t say I am done with it. The Dev has been steadily patching and adding new content.


I have like 6 seed makers. And with your ratio, I should have gotten 2 or so at least by now. I guess I just have incredibly bad luck.


I know it’s a low change but I have nine of those plants in my greenhouse, awesome money makers. I’ve also put in an ancient plant and receive 3 seeds from that once. When I replay. I am not selling my first ancient fruit… it’s going in the seed maker! Oh my first seed came from the dungeon.


skull dungeon? I have been in that a few times, I think I got down to level 50 or so once. It seems you need to be very lucky with those pits that drop you a lot of levels.


No the regular dungeon. I found a seed in there early on and crafted it I beleive.


My numbers could be too favorable. I’m going from memory from like 3 weeks ago. Also, daily fortune might impact this, I have no idea. It’s hard to get a read on probabilities in this game, honestly.

You’ll get one eventually.


So… after processing like 600 or more cranberries, I finally get one. Then I take a short walk and whack a worm and get another…


Hurray!.. right?


Just started playing this. I named my dude Gus, but it seems that’s also the name of the store owner! Confusing. I’m liking it overall so far, but one thing I’m not so keen on is the control scheme. I’m constantly throwing a fishhook into a bush or someone’s face, or something, wasting precious energy. Also, I’m not so keen on the rapid clicking involving in fishing.

Does the game work well with the controller? Steam only lists “partial” support, which is odd.

ps I kind of messed up my start by putting all but 4 of my pumpkin seeds into the sale box, thinking it was a storage chest. (I thought the mayor was on about the mailbox when he said I could sell stuff!)


You could always start over if you just started your game. I enjoyed this game a bit, but I got a bit bored by winter. I had all the money in the world and didn’t really need anything. There were some items I missed for summer to complete the collections stuff for the community center and I just can’t play through the next 2 seasons to get to summer again. I heard they were going to do some kind of multi-player thing, so maybe if that ever happens it might get me back into it.


I just accidentally sold a stack of seeds I bought when trying to move them around my inventory. ffs.
Thankfully it was like 10am so I just restarted the day. I think the developers hates HCI.

Also, I am in a bit of a rut. I have so many crops going that it uses all of my energy to water them, which means by the time I’m done I don’t have enough energy to go find copper to upgrade the watering can. Hopefully all these crops will make bank and I can just buy the copper at great expense.

(Also, it might have been a mistake planting so many “wild seeds”. Aside from the leeks, the other stuff doesn’t sell well)


There is an event that happens during he first summer that helps with energy. I ate a lot of seed snacks to get me through the first spring. The wild seeds helps are a mixed bag, but some of the townsfolk love some of the stuff and you can use them to make more valuable Artisan goods later and gift those too… not mention cooking.

If all else fails, you’ll have more time in the winter to go into mines year 1. Later… there are some upgrades that help make watering a secondary task.


a few days into spring, perhaps a week or so, bushes around will start giving free food. You should spend time hoovering that stuff up. I think I got like 60 pieces and that kept me full of energy throughout summer. In fall a similar event happens.


No one likes Salmon berries even as jelly, but wild Blackberries make jelly and wine for the rest of the year. I think jam is like 2x price + 50? So cheap ingredients like Blackberries are very cost efficient, as long as you’ve spare capacity anyway.


The event happened a few days ago. Now an intense morning working the land doesn’t write of the day!

I hoovered up all the berries by the time I posted that. I only ate a few, I suspected I could make jam, and now that I have the jam thing unlocked I’ve forgotten to build one.

In other news: I continually miss with the copper watering can. I really do hate the control scheme in this game.


There’s a setting in options that will outline the tile you’re aiming at in red which helped a ton with the base level tools on controller.


Overplanting is the easiest way to make SDV not fun. You really don’t have to, though - I made excellent progress in both my games by planting to the point that watering took like half to two-thirds of my energy, then doing long-walk-type activities (gifting, gathering, even yes mining) on sunny days and energy-intensive stuff like tree-chopping and mass fishing on rainy days.


Yeah don’t overdo it to the point of no fun. Sprinklers make it all better too. I didn’t even have half my land cultivated and still got a good ending. I am working super hard now though to get to the point where I can sprinkler the heck out of a bigger area than before… inspired by some nice farm images.


Once your equipment (well, sword anyway) “out-levels” the middle of the mines, you can pull in a lot of iron and gold quite quickly and with little effort. Iridium is of course a different story, but I progressed past being blocked on iron/gold rather early.

And yeah, sprinklers uber alles. I only bothered upgrading my watering can because screw it, I can afford it, and you do need to water on the first of the season still…