Stardew Valley - Indie Farm Game


So I played this a ton when it first came out, “finished” the early game, but hadn’t done everything there was to do in the game. I think when I last played, I was just starting to pursue some kind of relationship (can’t even remember who with) with the goal of doing the marriage thing and all that.

I haven’t seen anything that was in the big patch, and since it’s been so long since I played, I’m tempted to just start a fresh new game. Thoughts?


That’s a fantastic take at what makes Stardew Valley special. Thank you for putting it in words so well.


Definitely. The early game goes fairly quick when you have an idea what you want to do anyway.

The new farm layouts are pretty cool, too. Riverlands and Forest are my favorite.


It’s worth a new play through. There are new farms, new relationships (expanded), new quests, new crafted products… and if you left on a good night I can’t see that changing.


New game it is, then! Time to get addicted again! ;)


Good news! This is coming to the Nintendo Switch! And it’s getting multiplayer!


Stardew was always meant to have MP, aka feature before release. They better bring it to PC though.


I think “first console to support the new multiplayer” means that PC gets it first.


He’s been super cool about stuff so far, patching in the better controller support etc as it’s been developed for console.

I severely doubt he has any intention of screwing over the platform that made him a millionaire.


I never said he did or was, but he’s not doing it. I believe Chucklefish is. ConcernedApe has been pleasant to converse with, but the point is, it’s not a new feature. He talked about it prior to release.



PC Gamer updated their article. No MP for PC this summer. No MP for Switch at launch.


Summer 15, Year 2. All villagers friendship maxed. Mwahaha.

I probably won’t have all the artifacts found by the end of the year (because good grief), but cooking/shipping/fishing/monster-hunting should be all done. Mwahaha.


And if you were not one of the individuals who had a chance to follow the game during creation, there are some nice what the game used to look before he changed the style shots on PC Gamer

If you search around online, you’ll see a lot of the character changes too. It was great seeing the art style shift ab it over time.


I’m just approaching my second summer now after having seen this damn game appropriate the lives and myself and my wife. It’s amazing how damn inefficient I was in my first year. It’s only been the last 6 weeks or so of in-game time that I’ve been really concentrating on maximizing my time and resources.

One thing I really wish I had learned early on was how important it is to work right up until 1am. I desperately want to start over knowing what I know now, but I’ve grown attached to my little farm.


I haven’t played in a while, but I’d add the importance of using coffee and +stat foods, as well as learning how to pass out in the mines or when fishing for even more time. Especially so after you blow all your money on something, as you’ll lose only a little cash on hand when doing it.


Bah, you people are crazy. I never sweat going to bed any time after 10 if that’s when my goals for the day have been met.

Strategically passing out sounds terrible. You lose half the next day! What could possibly be worth the extra hour in the mines?


It’s a way of power-leveling mining and more importantly getting really, really deep in the desert mine when you get to that point. Like as in way past level 50, 70, or even 100. When iridium ore is abundant and you can gather stacks of geodes and subsequent prismatic shards. It is a very late game tactic to min/max results.


It’s funny how different people enjoy the same game. Min/maxing Stardew Valley is unimaginable to me, it’s the game I play when I don’t want to play optimisation games.


It’s still dumb. Farm totems are cheap, even if you don’t have the return scepter. At that point you’re talking about losing an awful lot for 20 minutes of mining, which even at level 50+ is fuck all.