Stardock Expands Its Publishing Empire

Interview at Firing Squad Today

Initially we are looking to stay in the strategy-game market. But we are also looking to expand into role-playing, as well, since we feel that’s another market that—like strategy—hasn’t received a lot of attention from publishers and developers in recent years (outside MMOs which are a totally different thing).

Very positive and good for the consumer.

Yeah agree.

Put me down for two copies of a Stardock RPG that features turn based tactical combat.


Yoo i would buy a strategic fantasy game from stardock without looking for reviews…

I always get them and Starforce confused. That can’t possibly be a healthy association.

Aside from them being another publisher of games, why is it that Stardock publishing games makes anyone excited? Is it just because people feel they may choose a developer who’s doing a quality game rather than not? Afterall, a publisher does little work on the game itself. If Stardock said they were developing RPGs, for instance, that’d be different.

Why? Is Stardock all of a sudden going to implement a game quality screening process which is more effective than anything any other publisher is doing?

As big as a success story as Stardock is, I don’t see how you could call them an empire. They have their key franchise (Galactic Civilization 2) and some ambitious looking projects, but thats still a far cry from the sort of domination EA or Activision can show.

Anyways, I think Stardock definintely showed you can make money by releasing niche games that real publishing empires won’t touch, and I being a big fan of RPGs I am definitely pleased to hear more of them being made.

Somebody has to put out Age of Wonders 3, dammit!

I’d definitely like to see Stardock make an RPG.

On there was a poll on what games people wanted to see Stardock make next.

Here’s a link to the results and some comments on it:

Yes. I’d be pretty surprised if Stardock published a poopy game. Compared to, say, Strategy First, whose quality is so all over the map it’s not even funny. Stardock knows their reputation depends on a consistently high quality level, and I doubt Brad et al. are in any hurry to boof that.

From the link above:


Especially if you had magic, and you were a master of it.

(edit)Damm… didn’t see the last post. Oh well, so much for that idea.

(edit 2): As an after thought, no one says they can’t make a MoM like game. People made Diablo clones out the whazoo, there isn’t a reason they can’t simply rip off MoM completly and then improve it a bit.

yea and they could call it master of magic mushrooms for all i care, bring it on.

More games they publish, the more games we’ll see on TGN…some of us still have tokens left over after buying Gal Civ2! :)

We need something with Zombies, Brad! :D

All hail, Emperor Wardell!

Master of Zombies

Nothing wrong with being loyal to a publisher/developer.

Majicka of the Masters?

you don’t need no stinkin’ license :p

The name doesn’t matter that much although from a marketing standpoint, it should remind people of masters of magic so they might think it is the same kind of game.

Anyway, my vote is for stardock to rip the game off anyway. Let them sit on thier license then and let it rot. Create a new IP and make it the MoM + everything everyone has wanted from a sequal. If Brad gives us a hit they would do that, I am sure we can entertain him with long lists of wishes.