Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Thanks, ID.

The Fleet Battles UI got a big update internally. BETA 3 of Fleet Battles should go up in a couple of weeks.

Not easy to really take a screenshot but the planet classes are super easy to design and once you design one, the game will procedurally generate the rest in such a way that they’re all quite different from others in the same class.

So it’s not particularly difficult for people to create their own worlds or add new types of worlds to the game (and later share them on Steam workshop or ModDB or whatever).


One other cool new thing this week:

Each species gets their own font style.


Would appreciate a toggle option to disable that.


Really? I will pass that on.


If fonts are chosen very carefully and all are very readable, then I would be OK with that. I just remember the malkavian font from vampire the masquerade. That was horrible. But yes, an option for that would be best.


The custom alien fonts in SC2 were one of my favorite little details. (I agree: They need to be readable. A couple weren’t so much.) In fact, it occurs to me now just how important all those little custom alien elements were toward defining the personalities of the aliens: The font, the music, the portraits in combat, the sounds… and the silhouettes of the ships, of course.


Yes, that’s the concern. It’s not an easy task to chose fonts that are capable of giving character to each race while remaining sufficiently legible. So, having a fallback of being able to use a standard font instead seems like a good idea.


Agreed. Consistent readability is much more important to me than stylized fonts for each race. I definitely want to disable that feature.

If a race has some sort of customized audio like background music changes or ship sounds, that’s OK, but please don’t tinker with the fonts.


So many anti-fontites on Qt3!


Uh, no. I love fonts actually. I just know how difficult choosing even one can be. When I published an rpg a lifetime ago, we spent a ton of time choosing the right font for the bulk of the text.


New dev journal today! Callum discusses some of the modding tools that will be included and how he uses them in order to create a rich, diverse, and exciting experience.


When we were at E3, we were featured on Mixer. Here’s the replay from that. :)


New dev journal today! Did you know that Star Control: Origins takes place in a living universe that’s simulated many times per second?


Is that the release date for all platforms?


Wait, it’s coming out for platforms other than the PC? Damn it, I shouldn’t have pre-ordered all those months ago.


PC release is first, then we’ll be looking at console support.


Good to know, I’ll check back when consoles are part of the plan.



Glowing mushrooms…

Real-time shadows (and since this is on a spherical world, they stretch as the sun rises and sets).

Arilou arrive!

A very busy star system.



That’s pretty cool. Weird question; how much of a hit do you find those make to system performance? My son’s laptop is… well… “middling” at best.


It runs on my Surface Pro 4. I have to turn off shadows though. :)