Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot

I wish I was good enough to create a stick man waving to you here. ;)

YOU probably played Sneakers. Enough said.


Well that looks cool as fuck.

A couple more to consider:
Gesham - (transliterated Hebrew for ‘rain’) some kind of water world, perhaps? To be honest, trying to find a way to get my cat’s name immortalized, but Rain is a bit mundane for a planet’s name. :)
Mgifos - (for “My God, it’s full of stars”) if you could somehow manage something which looks like a monolith on a planet, that would be awesome

And YOU probably played Space Eggs!

It’s true! Sob!

Another planet I visited with one of the suggested names.

Basically, the further you get from Earth the weirder things get.

Looks like a microscope image of moon dust in colours.

Check out this weeks dev journal which is part 2 of the Aliens of Star Control!

We’re super excited to announce that Adam Baldwin has joined the voice cast for Star Control: Origins! :)

I’m of mixed mind on this one.

On one hand:

  • He seems like a great actor, has a distinctive voice, and has undeniable sci-fi cred. He seems a perfect fit for the role.

On the other hand:

  • He’s supported/coined Gamergate; a pretty awful chapter in gaming’s short history

Someone’s personal opinions on politics don’t weigh too heavily into my view of their work, as long as the work’s not advocating, so whatever on any right-wing stuff. Still, the Gamergate bit bothers me as it seems a little close to home.

Any chance this will be addressed, or is this something Stardock would rather stay mum on? (totally understandable if that’s the case; you guys are trying to sell a product, after all)

If political views are the gauge of whether we buy products or rate their usefulness, most in the West would not be able to buy any oil, they’ll have to drill for it themselves.

lol - agreed. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the game and having Menkmack/Jayne chasing me across the galaxy sounds terrific.

I love looking at the screenshots and getting reminded of how I used to spend hours upon hours travelling to harvests nodes to improve the starting cruiser. Yet I have a strong nagging suspicion that I’ll not be able to afford the time and the attention span required to enjoy another “sprawling universe” type of game again.

But I can always live vicariously through my friends at Qt3 haha.

and once you start down this road there’s no end to it…but on the other hand what you choose to ignore or think highly of is at some level on you is it not?

That’s true. If pressed, I guess I’ll have to say, I will distinguish between the owner and employees. Between the people and the leader. So for example, I’ll not go stay at a Trump Hotel, but I’ll buy US goods.

He’s a great VO actor. He was in Mass Effect and more recently, Injustice.

We probably don’t share the same politics but the opportunity to have one of the actors from Firefly in the new Star Control is pretty exciting. There’s a lot of great VO in the game.

I can’t disagree with a single thing :)
… I hope he doesn’t mind I’ll always think of him as Jayne, however, lol.

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this render of the ship you will be captain of:

It’s 315 meters long. Starting crew of 100 but expandable to 400.

That’s is very cool.